DC’s Grimm Reaper

Some of the boys in DC are turning that place into the UFC or WWF with the latest round of altercations; this one between representative Michael Grimm (may I say his last name fits his personality) and a young reporter that wanted to make a name for himself.

When the reporter Michael Scotto pushed the microphone into the reps face for an interview after the Obama “clapping marathon”, Scotto put Grimm on the spot for some improprieties, the rough-housing rep told him he was going to “throw him off the fuckin balcony”. Dirty mouth!!!!


To cinch that fact that he meant what he said the rowdy rep threatened the then  shook up reporter that he was “going to break him in half”. You can see the above picture Grimm was getting ready to carryout his threat.

It reminded me of the time that John Stossell was interviewing a professional wrestler and ask if wrestling was fake. The irate scrapper slapped Stossel in the face so hard his head almost made his head do a 360; than yelled at Stossel “does this look fake”?


Needless to say Stossel was very shook up but left with the parting words he is known for “give me a break”. I think Stossel got a good piece of change for that “Spadotch”.

If I had to guess “The Grimm Reaper” hasn’t heard the last from Scotto or his ambulance chaser.

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