Give credit where it is due ….

As US stocks soar, emerging markets plunge:

To all the Boulder Rollers out there. I don’t see many of you bitching about the economy and your 401 K accounts ever since PDT took the rein$?

With all of the idiotic Anti-Trump sentiment, I have not hear one left-winger at least give PDT a little credit for the stock markets success, that made a lot of the hogs very rich.


If all of you have so many complaints about PDT, there is nothing stopping anyone from getting their hat/bonnet and going to live in another country.  Take a look at their numbers and tell me if they meet your specification. BUTT, I believe all of you are just habitual complainers and blind sheep, following a movement. You have no backbone or ability to function or think on your own.

The Boulder Rollers are as bad as Samuel BOY Jackson who was going to take his black ass to back to Africa if that mother-fucker won the election, and Robert The 1/8 Italian De Niro (fuck Trump – fuck Trump) and the rest of the fools that sucking up the profits from the market, BUTT will not acknowledge the person that is mostly responsible for its success.  With all of their gallantry and leadership they are supposed to be demonstrating, I don’t see any of them on a slow boat to China.

What these hogs are doing can be compared to someone being invited to a lavish buffet, stuffing themselves with all the food and drink they can and then spitting it back into your hosts face.

I have said this so many times. Criticize if applicable, BUTT acknowledge if deserving. Wake fools and start acting like the Americans you are supposed to be.

Strength is in unity – defeat is in division.  That goes for all of the politicians and parties.

If I had to guess, I would say that the rest of the world is laughing their ass off at the way the USA conducts its affairs.

All of the million$ of dollar$, 2 years of wasted time and effort trying to hang Trump, it will be all for naught. When the dust finally settles, it will back to business as usual.

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