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With a hefty bank roll and some high up connections, a person can ….

Question of the day: What are the two things Robert Wagner and Teddy “BOY” Kennedy have/had in common??

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One guess only please.

Answer:  Their lovers/partners both had a fear of water and both meet their demise in basically the same way. Most importantly; both Wagner and Kennedy may have gotten away with the M word.

These have to be two of the best examples of; If a person has enough $oldi and celebrity, they can possibly get away with the M word.

I don’t know which one of these cases is the most flagrant. Both ACCIDENTS happened under very suspicious circumstances and in both cases, they were never solved to anyone’s satisfaction. In both cases there were some very $uper wealthy heavy hitters involved who pour a lot of water on the flames to keep them squelched.

I think it is preposterous that Kopechne family refused to have Mary Jo’s body exhumed for an examination: BUTT accepted 150 G’s from Kennedy’s insurance to settle the matter.

The newspaper quoted “an extremely reliable source” as having said that the settlement “was in excess of $150,000 and that the check involved in the settlement cleared through a Philadelphia bank.”

The paper also quoted Joseph F. Flanagan of WilkesBarre, Pa., who represented Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kopechne of Swiftwater, Pa., as having said that an “amicable financial settlement” had been reached and that the insurance company and all others involved agreed to keep the terms secret.

This may be cruel to say; to them their daughters life may have was only worth 150 Grand.

Teddy Boy fled the scene of the ACCIDENT,  reported the incident 8 hours later, only to show up with a brace on his neck; BUTT not before he called his ambulance chaser for legal advice.


John Stossel would say; give me a break!!

There was some speculation that Mary Jo was pregnant w/Teddy Boy’s child.

Why didn’t his driver take her home?? He was at the party.

What better way to silence someone then to make sure they can not talk.

Time Magazine

How did Natalie Wood die?

On the evening of Nov. 28, 1981, Wood was out with Wagner and her co-star of the film Brainstorm, Christopher Walken, during a boating trip to Santa Catalina Island off the coast of Southern California. What happened next has remained unclear for decades, but the following morning Wood’s body was found by authorities. The cause of death was ruled an accidental drowning, but an autopsy report revealed that the actress had bruises on her body and a significant amount of alcohol in her system, prompting speculation about the true nature of her death. “In a matter of hours, shock turned to pity and then to conjecture,” TIME reported in the immediate aftermath. “Exactly why did Natalie Wood die? When a gorgeous movie star full of wine stumbles off a quarter-million-dollar yacht in her nightgown and drowns, while her actor-husband sits oblivious with her film co-star a few yards away, people will talk. And wonder.”

“I’m frightened to death of the water,” the story quoted her as having recently told a reporter. “I can swim a little bit, but I’m afraid of water that is dark.”

When we put Christopher Walken together with a jealous husband Robert Wagner, some high priced booze or whatever else they were ingesting, a super beautiful women, a boat ride out at sea with a full moon, that is definitely a recipe for disaster.

There was some conversation in La La Land that Wagner was extremely jealous of his wife and Walken’s relationship.

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Will the WHOLE TRUTH  be told in both cases?? It is doubtful. Too much time has passed, too many people had their fingers in it. It just makes good press for the morbid, and a good way for the money people to keep it alive.

That is one of the things that separates the super wealthy from the average Joe Blow citizen. The $uper rich can get away with almost anything, BUTT Joe Blow gets fined for spitting on the sidewalk.

The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 14: Spitting

Section 14. Whoever expectorates or spits upon any public sidewalk, or upon any place used exclusively or principally by pedestrians, or, except in receptacles provided for the purpose, in or upon any part of any city or town hall, any court house or court room, any public library or museum, any church or theatre, any lecture or music hall, any mill or factory, any hall of any tenement building occupied by five or more families, any school building, any ferry boat or steamboat, any railroad car or elevated railroad car, except a smoking car, any street railway car, any railroad or railway station or waiting room, or on any track, platform or sidewalk connected therewith, and included within the limits thereof, shall be punished by a fine of not more than twenty dollars.

That is 20.00$ more than anyone got fined in either of the cases above.

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