Bare-knuckled brutality

USA Today

Bare-knuckle boxing legally held in United States for first time

The last time we saw LEGAL bare-knuckle boxing in the USA, was in the 1880’s when legendary champion John L. Sullivan was knocking them over like blowing pins.


If you wanna look like this, just to say you did it, you gotta have rocks in your head.

It isn’t bad enough that the UFC fighters uses only 4 ounce gloves in their sport, which is close to nothing at all; now some promoters in Wyoming have got the green light from SAFETY officials for their pugilists to fight bare-knuckled. They are nuts.

I will bet all the money I have in the box under my bed, the fighters have to sign some form of a liability release before they get into the ring, not holding the owners of the brawl responsible for their injuries.

I have no problem what-so-ever getting banged up or severely injured in a self-defense situation. BUTT to get into a ring, fight bare knuckled for peanuts for next to nothing, while the owners are going to the bank with a wheel barrel, that is insane. What these fighters are paid probably will not even cover the cost to get them stitched up.

BUTT, we never say never folks.

When the MMA first came onto the scene, just about every state in the union was against it.  The financially troubled organization was eventually bought by Brothers Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta who made their first fortune in casinos.


Dana White pictured with the brothers orchestrated the deal.  Purchase price for the failing sport was 2,000,000.00$ – Fast forward; eventually the hand cuffs were taken off the sport and accepted by all the states. Fast forward even further, two years ago the threesome (the ones with the big smiles) had an offer that they could not refuse and sold the now very successful UFC for 4,000,000,000.00$. Yes, that is with a B. I would conclude that is one hell of a profit.

I really doubt it, BUTT bare-knuckle fighting just may catch on in all the states; not likely, BUTT never say never.  The almighty dollar $peaks very loud.

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