Best ambulance chaser in the business ..

‘You’re Exploiting Her and You Know It’: Carlson Battles Aventine LIVE on Set


This ambulance chasing DUDE (not intended to be complimentary) is the epitome of an  opportunist.  He was fairly well-known, BUTT not to the degree he is today until he hooked up with The Stripper that put the stamp on making him famous. He is the kind of guy that may steal a purse from an old lady laying in the street that was hit by a car or may pick the pocket of a drunk laying in the gutter. He is the best of the best.

All of the high ambitions he is now chasing/declaring never surfaced before he got tied up with The Storm Stormy. Now all of a sudden, he going to run against PDT in 2020 and that is just for starters. Possibly he will run to fill the seat his cousin Jerry  Brown will be vacating?? It is always amazing and amusing at the same time what happens to some insignificants when they suddenly get a camera shoved under their nose.

I use the term ambulance chasers when I refer to the unscrupulous lawyers that make their living on other people’s misery.  There are a few good ones out there, BUTT they are like hens teeth, very hard to find. I personally know a few that do measure up to reasonable standards.

What drives people like this? Believe it or not, most of them are insecure and get involved with high-profile cases to get attention.  Mostly all of them fit in the uncomplimentary category of being hustlers out for the big bucks and fame.

I don’t have any idea how some of these carpetbaggers can live with themselves when the defend scumbag killers/rapists/child molesters/terrorists and gang members that they know without question committed unspeakable crimes. BUTT as the old Italian saying goes;il primo culo che baci è il più difficile.  Check Google translate.

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