Pepsi Cola pockets, champagne taste

Dem governor’s trips bust state’s $2.6M security and travel budget

Washington state Gov. Jay Inslee has reportedly been racking up bills in security and travel expenses, state records show.

Records cited by the Seattle Times indicate that the Executive Protection Unit (EPU) – which accompanies Inslee on domestic and international trips — has exceeded its $2.6 million budget by $400,000. And the costs are expected to rise.

Not only is it the politicians who have little accountability or regard for taxpayers money, it is the government as a whole, only because it is not coming directly out of their pocket. I can not say they are all the same, BUTT the vast majority of the politicians, whether, city, state or federal spend the taxpayers money like they are drunken sailors.

In Pictures: 13 Silliest Uses of Taxpayer Money – Forbes…/in-pictures-15-silliest-uses-of-taxpayer-money/

Spending $1.5 million of taxpayer money on a laundry-folding robot? Shameless. With the decision on whether to raise the national debt limit fast approaching, …

11 Outrageous Ways Federal Government Wasted $473 … – Breitbart…/11-outrageous-ways-federal-government-wasted-473-bil…

Dec 31, 2017 – … on government waste, digging up an estimated total of $473 billion. … Ways Federal Government Wasted $473 Billion in Taxpayer Money.

What is the biggest waste of taxpayer money that nobody talks ……Jan 26, 2018 – Estimates of the fraud vary, but it’s a hell of a lot of money. Some politicians have made … only tens of billions.

Once again; if it were their personal money they were spending, instead of flying 1st cabin, staying at the Four Seasons, eating surf and turf every night; they would purchase the cheap seats on the wing  of a plane, stay at Tom Bodettt place and eat at the Golden Arches. 

Image result for tom bodett motel 6

Just like anything else in life; if there is no accountability demanded at all levels, it is like locking a drunk over night in a liquor store. The are gluttons. 

For the most part, on all sides of the isles, politicians are shameless individuals, having a strong sense of entitlement.

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