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Head of U.S. Catholic bishops kept 2 priests accused of abuse in active ministry

How is the greatest sinner; the sick-in-the-head pedophile or the supposed normal/intelligent enabler that covers up their despicable crimes?

In my opinion, the enabler is as bad or worse than the pedophile. If the enabler would have came forward in the infancy of these disgraceful acts, and legal actions were immediately taken, they could have been cut by 95% or more. I blame the enablers, all the way to the popes, who for centuries knew of the molestation and did nothing but hide or conceal the crimes. 

AGAIN; we have another person very high up in the Catholic hierarchy that is a GRAVE sinner, in my opinion, worse than the perverted priests he covered up for. Beside being a big shot in the Catholic church, he is Italian, another gigantic insult. I can bet his parents raised him better. 

Cardinal Daniel DiNardo is president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, making him one of the most powerful Catholic officials in the country. He has also been one of the most vocal critics of the church’s handling of its sex abuse scandal. 

But this summer, Rev. Manuel La Rosa-Lopez, a priest whom DiNardo had promoted, was arrested for allegedly molesting two children. DiNardo, the archbishop of Galveston-Houston since 2006, has vowed to release by January a list of all the priests in Houston who have been, in the church’s judgment, “credibly accused” of sexually abusing a child. 

Now, a CBS News investigation has uncovered a lack of action by DiNardo in handling sex abuse allegations in his own archdiocese.

John LaBonte said Rev. John Keller molested him when he was 16 years old. He said DiNardo has allowed Keller to continue presiding over one of the largest Catholic churches in Houston.

“I shrank. I was like, I’m not here. I left my body. They say there’s the flight and fright. Well, I was frozen,” LaBonte said.

How many people have these criminal priests given penance to for a lot lesser sins/crimes than they committed??? They are the SHAME of the Catholic religion. 

What would ease some of the pain for a lot of Catholics,   IF some of the enablers were not Cardinals and The Popes. It would be a lot easier to accept/swallow if it were just the pastor of a parish or some other low level church official. When we get to bishops, cardinals and popes that are the enablers, that in-it-self is a gigantic black eye for the church that should not be forgiven.  There are sins and then there are sacrileges.  Their inaction puts them in sacrilegious category.  

I used to think there was a solution to any problem in the world. The dilemma the Catholic church has gotten itself into my not be solvable.     

If they ever wants to get back to the powerhouse it used to me (doubtful) they have to start practicing what they preach and CLEAN HOUSE completely, from the top to  bottom/stem to stern. ZERO tolerance; no 3 strikes and you are out. Immediate dismissal and jail time for the offenders.  

Anyone that does not realize the cover-ups are all about the $oldi better come out from under the bed. There are a couple of reasons some of the enablers were negligent. 

  1. They possibly could have been a pedophile themselves and did not want to be exposed. 
  2. BUTT the main issue being; if these crimes against the kids became public, it would have a enormou$ impact on the financial $tatu$ of the church. As it turns out, that is exactly what happened in-spite of their dishonesty and cover-up. As a matter of fact, if they would have come clean in the infancy, it would have cost the church, 98% less than it has already. 

In my opinion, most of the religions were instituted for a couple of reasons. First; To put fear in people. Fearful people are more receptive to brainwashing.

Be realistic, much of what is taught in many religions is a form of brainwashing. They like to call their teachings, blind faith.  Why because they have no explanations. 

Common-sense and asking questions DOES NOT fit into their equations. The old cliche; do what I say not what I do, fits them like a glove. 

Second; it is all about the $oldi. If and when there is dissension and doubt in the religions, it affects their bottom line severely. Any clergyman that tells us any different should go and confess their sins.   

BLIND FAITH is nonsense. Common-sense tells us that much of what religions teach is hypothetical and make-believe.

Why is it that most people are hesitant to question church doctrine?? Fear. They are afraid to go against the grain.

Like all of the PC-ers in this world, they are sheep with blinders on following each-other  over the cliff. 

As far as I am concerned; if there is a god, there can only be one. If a person wants to talk to their god, they do not have to go to some building on Sunday morning, dressed in their best, putting on a front for all to see; they can talk to god 24/7 from wherever they happen to be. 

What do these so called holy men really do for us?? Lets face it. Everyone with half a brain knows right from wrong. If a guy is beating up his wife  and kids, he knows it is wrong and has the ability to change if he wants to. He doesn’t need a priest to advise him. 

It all revolves around common-sense. We all know right from wrong or at least are supposed to.  I don’t have to have some person (probably without credentials) standing at the pulpit schooling me on how to live my life.  Quite possible, they are one of the pedophiles that are plaguing the religion. 

BLIND FAITH. Religions do not want their flock to use common-sense. Their philosophy is to follow without question.  We all know what my answer is to that. 

As far as I am concerned, all of the perpetrators and their enablers, no matter what rank they are, should all be thrown out of the religion and sent to jail. BUTT what do the leaders of the Catholic religion do?? They reassign and hide them. 

The way I see it , all of the pluses are on the priest side. Car – house – cooks – house maids – plus, plus, plus. What really are their responsibilities??  Many of them join the priesthood to have easy access to kids. 

Just one pathetic example of thousands that stands out to me:

Vatican Declined to Defrock U.S. Priest Who Abused Boys – The New … 24, 2010 – … did not defrock a priest who molested as many as 200 deaf boys, even … Father Murphy was sexually abusing children, the documents show, … admitted his acts, had probably molested about 200 boys and felt no remorse.

NOWWWWW; how can anyone justify this?? Everyone in the Catholic church knew about this scumbag, BUTT clammed up so he could continue his evil ways.  I can say this without reservations, everyone involved are no good sons-of-a-bitches. 

I say to all of the believers out there. Keep shelling out all your hard earned money every Sunday. As long as those dead presidents keep hitting the basket, the Catholic Religion will have enough funds to pay off the law-suits to all the abused kids. 

AXE yourself one thing; what is religion doing for you? 

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