Play hard – Play fair

Trump says US won’t pull out of NATO after receiving commitments from allies

Sooner or later the pacifists, do gooding, bleding hearted, PC-ers in this country are going to get their education in Trumpism and start to realize that The Man knows what the hell he is doing. He plays hard, BUTT plays fair.  That is the only method some people understand. Weaklings ALWAYS come in last.

No One in this world has ever been successful being a tin can that everyone can kick around.  The USA has been kicked around for so long by other countries, and sadly allowed it, it became the way of doing business. That day is over.

Can we even begin to imagine that CHC or her former boss could EVER pull off most of the things PDT has since putting his hand on the bible. Fa-get-a-bout-it. They are incapable and have a masochistic personality that people know, they can and want to be used and abused.


I have to stand on my soap box and yell as loud as I can so some of the imbeciles out there can hear me. The Man is doing the right things for all Americans.

What the %$@# is the matter with some of these fools. Are they deaf, dumb, blind and stupid?? Looks like it to me. Is this just another achievement that the Boulder Rollers are going to find fault in??

Wake up and smell the Trumpism!!

I just love this video in my post. It says volumes about these fools.



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