Think it is time for some changes???

Saudi Arabia arrests man after ‘offensive’ video shows him at breakfast with woman

When if ever are these people going to come out of the Dark Ages???


The man, an Egyptian hotel worker, had invited his viewers on social media to “join us” for breakfast, while his female colleague sits next to him, The Guardian reported. She was covered from head to toe in black Islamic niqab.  

I wonder if having lunch or dinner carries a greater penalty??


Gotta be tough eating, swapping spits and brushing ones teeth with a mask on.

Being one of the wealthiest countries in the world, in reality they have nothing when it comes to common-sense issues.

Although, a step in the right direction; a new law permitting women to drive just was just passed recently. This may just be skuttle-butt (rumor, military lingo); I heard the law was ONLY passed when one of their hen-pecked top government officials became annoyed with having  to go to the grocery store to pick up some Roti for his over-being old lady. May just be a rumor???


Since the driving ban was lift on ladies, they made quantum leaps into their new future.

From fear to Fat Boy, recently unleashed Saudi women start their own motorcycle club

It’s exciting; before June 24th, 2018, Saudi Arabian women were arrested and imprisoned for driving cars and now they can learn to ride motorcycles. The trend is catching on rapidly. Already, eight Saudi women riders have joined the recently formed “Ladies of Harley” Riyadh chapter.



To all of their law makers, this is not the 7th century, it is 2018 FOLKS.  Come out of the caves and smell the pizza. A women can buy and drive a Harley, BUTT can’t have breakfast with a man. HELLOOOOO!!

With their over the top stringent laws in the Land of Sand Castles, the police force in Saudi would have a field day with all of the crack-pot criminal we have in the USA.

Possibly it would be a good idea if the USA started imposing/implementing some nutty laws to keep the illegal immigrants from wanting to crawl under the fence. Nothing else seems to be working.  Fat chance of that. The authorities can not even enforce our current laws.

AS the World wobbles!!


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