Pentagon suspends $300M in military aid to Pakistan

My question is Y hasn’t this common-sensed decision been made a long time ago???

The Pentagon says it has suspended $300 milllion in military aid to Pakistan for not doing enough to battle terrorists groups inside its borders.

The announcement comes ahead of an expected trip to Islamabad by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and the U.S. military’s top officer, Marine Corps Gen. Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. 

In January, the Pentagon suspended nearly $1 billion in aid to Pakistan for what Defense Secretary James Mattis and other top officials said at the time was Islamabad’s failure to take on the Haqqani terrorist network.

That network is believed to be holding western hostages, including Kevin King, a U.S. professor from American University in Kabul who was abducted along with an Australian colleague two years ago. King was last seen in a “proof-of-life” video, released last October.

Just the top 25 countries that received/receive aid from the USA.

Top 25 Recipient Countries of U.S. Foreign Aid FY 2013 Reported in $US millions, Obligations [10]
Country Economic and Military Assistance FY 2013, $US millions Aid received per person recipient FY2013, $US Economic Assistance FY 2013, $US millions Military Assistance FY2013, $US millions
Afghanistan 4533.51 148 2653.93 1879.58
Israel* 2961.04 367 17.81 2943.23
Egypt 1566.24 19 330.6 1235.6
Jordan 1211.83 188 879.64 332.19
West Bank/Gaza 1007.73 370
Ethiopia 686.53 7 685.19 1.34
South Sudan 618.74 55 598.79 19.96
Malawi 571.18 35 570.91 0.27
Uganda 541.93 14 538.3 3.62
South Africa 526.19 10 523.86 2.32
Nigeria 518.84 3 509.41 9.43
Russia 465.16 3 445.07 20.08
Iraq 444.81 13 382.7 62.11
Tanzania 430.66 9 427.82 2.84
Mexico 419.94 3 348.72 71.21
Congo (Kinshasa) 379.24 6 366.73 12.52
Haiti 378.77 37 377.04 1.73
Lebanon 376.41 84 286.03 90.38
Somalia 367.18 35 188 179.18
Zambia 310.8 22 310.26 0.54
Sudan (former)* 290.05 8 290.05

I can see the necessity of giving aid to some very impoverished countries, BUTT giving to countries at are known to be our enemy, and they flaunt it in our face, it makes no sense to me.

It is like getting into a fight with some guy, going out buying him a baseball bat when you are unarmed and let him beat the hell out of you. STUPIDITY personified.

I am the 1st one that will help a person in need, BUTT to give a complete strange, someone who may turn against my benevolence, when my family is starving is complete lunacy.  If and when all of my family is well taken care of, that is the time to pass out the cookies.

9        3

7      2

These are NOT pictures of Lebanon or some other 3rd world country; they are taken in the inner cities of the USA.  How can any politician in good conscience give money to other countries when ours looks like this? One answer, THEY DO NOT HAVE TO LIVE THERE. Possibly, some of these areas shown are better off than a lot of other.

I will grant you that many of these ares look the way they do because the people living there are uneducated and extremely poor, caught up in the dope scene and multiple other negative circumstances. BUTT, I will put much of the blame on the government for not having programs for EDUCATING their people on HOW TO LIVE a productive/useful lives. The politicians are too busy passing out the $oldi to everyone else BUTT their own people.  EDUCATION is the only key to succeeding.

Soooo, I will AXE again; How can any politician in good conscience give money to other countries where ours looks like this?

Has the time long past that Good Old Uncle Sam cut out the give-aways to the majority of recipients?? LONG PAST.

Lets hope that the light goes on in PDT’s head and he finally gets the message, not the texting, to settle down and become more presidential. The constant bickering between him and his adversaries has to be killing the guy.

Much of the conflict is his fault for lying on many issues and not filtering what he says.  He has to learn how to let the small things go and focus on what is important.

I don’t have a problem with him defending himself, especially when some lame-brain fool brings his family into it.  PDT seems to be like the guy with a honker hanging out of his nose. Everyone else sees it BUTT him.


The man has so much talent and wisdom to share in many areas, BUTT the hang-ups he has over shadows his attributes.

PDT is like the relative you love, BUTT you hate some of the things he does.

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UPDATE 1111 hrs

Donald Trump’s apparent response to Meghan McCain’s eulogy for her dad is a MAGA tweet

I just finished saying; THE MAN can not resist!!  His response to Meghan McCain:

Donald J. Trump



THE MAN just can not resist. If he was a drinker, which he is not, I would have to wonder if he is nipping a few when he sends out the juvenile tweets.


Donny Buddy; time to get the message and shit can that tweedy bird machine of yours.


You are getting way past insulting – use some of that anger and unnecessary rebuttal on our adversaries instead of people like John McCain that do not deserve it!! You are even starting to piss off some of your staunchest supporters.

I told a very dear friend of mine years ago that could not see the forest account of the trees; if you want respect, regardless of who you are, first you have to give it.

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