Get behind closed doors with the Judo Guy

With all the criticism PDT is getting over his comments and relationship with the Judo Guy and Russia; he has to get alone behind closed doors with TJG, look him dead in the eyes. don’t pull any punches and lay the cards on the table.


Who does TJG think he is bull-shitting when he claims his hands are clean?? The guy is amazing and very believeable in interviews!! Somewhat like our past president.

Anyone that believes TJG does not know about or is not involved in all of the crimes connected with the deaths of people who oppose him, or for that matter, everything that goes in his country, there is still some prime swamp land I own in the Okefenokee Swamp.

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TJG is a master killer, military strategist, expert in warfare, brutal and cold-hearted as they come, a master of deception, master thief and many more non-complimentary tags I can put on him. I forgot, ego-manic and exhibitionist, BUTT those attributes or characteristics if you will, are what has made this man successful, even if it is in nefarious ways.


Who do you really love Val??? Val is what his close friends call him.

There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that happens in the USSR the TJG does not know about or sanction before it happens.

For starters:

Just his involvement and relationship with the Syrian butcher is enough to make ones skin crawl. Than to try to publicly deny he has any involvement, it is almost laughable. His lying  and deceptions are the greatest indicators of who he really is.

We are not just talking about his military exploitations. He has clipped his country for billions of rubles in every way possible making him one of the wealthiest, if not the wealthiest  person on the planet.

What is Putin worth?? I heard an interview with him a few years back when  he made the claim he was the richest person in the world. I would not doubt it.

That’d put Putin within striking distance of Bill Gates, who according to Bloomberg is the world’s richest man with an estimated net worth of $84 billion. One less credible critic says Putin’s real worth could be as high as $200 billion. Jan 23, 2017
Just the money he stole from his own people when putting the Olympics together was astronomical. He may be worth more than 200 billion.

Scandal in Sochi: The Most Expensive Winter Olympic Games Ever …

Intended to showcase the power of Vladimir Putin’s Russia, the billions spent on the … money abroad, and traded in stolen goods, eliminating rivals as necessary. … How much of Russia’s $50 billion has gone to fund Olympics-related activity …

The man does what he does and how he wants to do it with impunity. He doesn’t care whose toes he is stepping on or who has to be eliminated that gets in his way. That being said; PDT has a very formattable task on his hands dealing with such a tyrant.

TGJ can not be trusted regardless of how smooth and convincing he comes off.

Even in 2008 when TJG was not eligible to run for another term as president, he still ran the country.  In a prearrangement he made with Medvedev he  still was the main man.

Putin could not run for the presidency again in 2008, but was appointed prime minister by his successor, Dmitry Medvedev. Putin was re-elected to the presidency in March 2012 and later won a fourth term. In 2014, he was reportedly nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

That being said; even with the man’s unscrupulous background, should the USA still have a relationship with him?? ABSOLUTELY yes!! This is a cat and mouse game and only the sharpest and cunning will survive. Contrary to the old cliche; RIGHT DOES NOT ALWAYS MAKE RIGHT!!

We can not change what TJG has done in the past, BUTT with Russia on our side, that alone will be a big advantage to our security of the USA.

Many experts say that Russia (TJG) is the biggest threat to the USA. I will agree. The only thing that is detouring them from trying to take over the USA is fear and water. BUTT, it still might not be out of the question.

The best time to attack ones enemy is at their weakest moment.  The USA has had some very weak moments under Obama. That is why the USA has to stay strong and keep it’s military well equipped with the latest technology. ALWAYS, keep our eye on the hogs and our finger on the trigger.

Just as we have to forgo what The Kid Dick-tator has done so brutally in the past; only in the name of peace, the same considerations have to be given to what TJG has done. Sometimes we have to break bread with the enemy as a matter of survival, BUTT that does not mean we have to sleep with them. It is called, the lesser of two evils.

The 64,000$ question is. Should PDT and the USA have a relationship with TJG and Russia? Absolutely yes.  Only a fool would not see the advantages. There absolutely more pluses than minuses.  Based on what the catastrophic possibilities can be if the two super powers do not co-mingle, I say, let’s sit down and talk,

After looking over the entire picture with an open mind/sensibly, I would like to hear one reasonable explanation why the USA and the USSR should not break bread. Why, because TJG is a bad person?? That does not cut the ice.

IF PDT were to capitulate to the PC community and some of his critics by not developing ties with TJG, if and when there is a catastrophe with Russia in the future; who will they blame??

The name of survival in the winner take-all deadly game, is negotiations, compromising and NOT giving away the farm in the process. ALWAYS, keeping our eye on the hog and our finger in the trigger.

The one big advantage the PC-ers and dissidents of PDT have; PDT does not settle his scores using an umbrella as TJG does.

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Georgi is just one of the many that have felt the wrath of TJG.

Georgi Markov – Wikipedia

Georgi Ivanov Markov was a Bulgarian dissident writer. Markov originally worked as a novelist …. The event is recalled as the “Umbrella Murder” with the assassin claimed to be Francesco Gullino, code named “Piccadilly”. … Regardless of whether the doctors treating Markov had known that the poison was ricin, the result …

Always be leery of the guy carrying the umbrella, especially if it is not raining.

We always have to remember one fact of life. Many times we are compelled to do things that are exactly kosher or to our liking, BUTT out of necessity, as in the case of the USA government during WW II, enlisting the help of the ruthless Lucky Luciano and the Mafia to put the hammer to the Germans.


While making critical decisions, choosing the most beneficial route to take; we always have to consider what the alternative is.  In the case of  the relationship between PDT and TJG, I give it a thumbs up, as long as there is a 50 – 50 compromise and the USA does not come out in the short end if the stick as we have for decades.

Sometime we gotta do what we gotta do for the betterment of all concerned.

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