Enemies of the State …..

Trump renews ‘biting sanctions’ against Iran, warns countries doing business with Tehran

As it should be. PDT said on Tuesday he is calling for MORE sanctions against Iran that will go into effect at midnight “the most biting sanctions ever imposed,” and warned that countries that do business with Tehran will not do business with the U.S..

Any company that is doing business, directly or indirectly with Iran should be considered enemies of the USA.

In the world of business espionage, there are many  dark allies and backdoor ways of camouflaging what a company is doing and who they are working with. Some of these cloak and dagger organizations are so greedy, they are selling military equipment, parts and supplies to rogue nations, that if used, would cause their own demi$e.  To the glutton, it is all about the $$$, not the consequences.


All of these companies and anyone they do business with should be singled out and put on the blackball list, COMPLETELY cut off from doing business with any other entity associated with the USA.

The only language thieves under$tand is when loo$e money. La porta dell’anima di un uomo è attraverso il suo stomaco; la porta attraverso le anime dei truffatori è attraverso il suo libretto bancario. (The door to a man’s soul is through his stomach; the door through a crooks souls is through his bank book.) Gotta hit them where it hurts the most.

Iran said their country can rely on China and Russia to supplement its oil and banking sectors amid the U.S. imposed sanctions. So be it.

This is the major problem the USA is having when trying to control a country like Iran. Not all the supposed players are reading the same playbook. Russia and China talk a good game, BUTT  when push comes to shove they are mostly just lip service. They are going to take the route easiest, most lucrative and beneficial for them to travel. There is no honor among thieves.

What is the far-left going find wrong with this move of PDT’s?? Gotta be something.


By now, I am sure some readers who are curious about my frequent use of the acronym GMAFB. Get your heads out of the gutter. It stands for Give Me A Fresh Bagel!!



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