Sorry, Sibling, Sobbing Soros

George Soros calls Obama ‘greatest disappointment,’ says he doesn’t ‘particularly want to be a Democrat’

After $pending million$ of dollar$, on HIS BOY Obama, all of a sudden $oro$ sounds like the owner of a sports team, that put out big buck$ for an athlete. After the season was over, he is bitching about his choice and the athletes performance.


The wealthy liberal donor, who was an early supporter of Obama’s 2008 presidential run, told The Times that Obama was “actually my greatest disappointment,” before he was reportedly prompted by an aide to clarify that he was dissatisfied on a “professional level,” rather than with his presidency.

At another part of the interview, he told the paper that Obama “closed the door” on him after he secured the presidency.

“He made one phone call thanking me for my support, which was meant to last for five minutes, and I engaged him, and he had to spend another three minutes with me, so I dragged it out to eight minutes,” he said.

One would have figured that Obama would pay special attention and thank the man profusely for his support. WRONG.

Another words, Obama kicked Soros to the curb just like he did another one of his staunchest supporters, Oprah.

There seemed to be a jealous factor on the part of Mrs. O directed at the Talk Show Queen, fearing she was getting to close and got too much attention from HER MAN.  Because of the rift between the ladies, Oprah was eliminated from a lot of the festivities after the election was won. This must be the MO of Mr. O when threw another huge supporter to the curb and didn’t blink an eye. So much for gratitude and appreciation.

We can always tell the quality of a person by how they treat their friends or those who help them. The old cliché; never forget where you came from and take care of those who took care of you, do not seem to be in The Obama Play Book.

NOWWWW; after the fact, it looks like Sorry, Sibling, Sobbing Soros doesn’t even want to be a democrat. It must be the charm of PDT that is wooing him over. In a recent quote Geo said;  “I don’t particularly want to be a Democrat.” George must not like to be associated with a losing team.  The real question may be; do the Republicans or Socialists want him on their side??

It is no secret that Soros does not subscribe to many of the USA’s way of life or doing business and has not been reluctant to be vocal with his opinions.

The new mantra of the despicable/users/abusers is; it is not what you did for me yesterday that counts, it is, what can you do for me tomorrow???

I hope that for George’s sake he does not bet the horses. He backed Obama that was a big disappointment to him and then he stuck his finger back in the flame of the candle when he poured million$ into the CHC campaign.

It has been a proven fact over time; being worth millions or billions does not constitute infallibility, intelligence or street sense as they would like to think.

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