Watch your mouth Boy ….

Pickins must be pretty slim in the land of Boulder Rollers these days.  It seems that since they have not made anything stick on PDT/TTP  (The Teflon President), they are desperately searching for new trash to talk and new mud to sling.

Now these left-wing fools are going to tell a person who they can or who they can’t break bread with.


The fools are bordering on being desperately pathetic.  They should get their heads out of where the sun doesn’t shine and acknowledge the good PDT is doing.


If Obama had accomplishing the same things PDT has; his name would be on the top of the list for sainthood.


I guess that is what makes the world go round; different opinions. That is all well and good, BUTT the things that disturbs me; the majority of all the trash the left-ers come up with defies any resemblance of common-sense.

Take a good look at all the advancements PDT has made, that no other president succeeded in doing in such as short amount of time and they still roll boulders at him. Has he made some mistakes?? Absolutely. Breaks his balls when he deserves it, BUTT acknowledge him appropriately.

This nonsense is never going to end as long as PDT sits in the Big Chair. If he cured cancer, they would claim,  he invented it so he could say he cured it (Tks JM).

They are pathetic!!

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