Release all the law-breakers …

Atlanta Mayoress orders city to end relationship with ICE, remove all detainees from city jail

Mayoress: Atlanta will no longer accept ICE detainees at the city jail.

Poetic justice would be; a couple of these released detainees pay a Her Dishonorable a midnight house call at her home with a little ill-intent on their minds.


This is a very foolish move on the part of Keisha Lance Bottoms who announced her intentions Thursday, which can only, eventually have catastrophic consequences. BUTT until that happens to one of their own, fools like Bottoms (very appropriately named) will continue to defy the federal government and play ball with the other side.

I am AXING her the same question I had for our ex-president when he made some of the illogical moves he made. Whose side are you on??

“We will no longer be complicit with a policy that intentionally inflicts misery on a vulnerable population without giving any thought to the fallout,” Lance Bottoms said. “As the birthplace of the civil rights movement, we are called to be better than this.”

Does Bottoms and people like her understand that rules and regulations are the glue that has kept this country safe for so many years.

These illegal border crossers broke the law when they entered the USA illegally. I am sure that there are a high percentage of them that are very good people, BUTT in their midst, there are some very nefarious law-breakers.  How can Bottoms and her clones justify letting people who broke the law run around loose?  That act in itself is breaking the law.

If anyone thinks that PDT and law-abiding citizens get any satisfaction out of locking up people and breaking up families who broke the law out of desperation, they are absolutely wrong.  Regardless of how we want to classify them, they are law-breakers that do not belong in this country.  No one is denying them entry into the USA;  all we want is for them to go through the proper channels.  Is that so difficult for the protectors to understand?? It must be!!

What we have today in many walks of government are people who do not respect that  laws as written; they want to interpret and change laws to fit their own agenda. That is not what they were elected for.

If laws can be broken or altered to fit ones own personal liking, before we know it, the streets of this country will look like the lawless town of Dodge City.

I can take this one step further. They already look worse than Dodge City. Take a good look at what the end result is when any person with political power goes against the norm and does IT their way.

Rahm Emanuel leaves behind tainted legacy as Chicago murder rate, crime and corruption surge on his watch

Just one example of many: Since Emanuel took office in mid-May 2011, there have been more than 19,000 shootings in Chicago. In that time, there have been 4,000 murders. According to the Chicago Police Department, the average number of murders per year during Emanuel’s administration is 541. The average number of murders per year prior to Emanuel taking office was 463.

I will give you one guess as to who his mentor was. None other than Barrack Obama.

Let me drop a little piece of wisdom and experience on all of the do-gooders.  Success in running a government or any business, big or small can not be attained by opening  the coral doors and let all of the horse run wild. The MUST be some sort of semblance, rules and regulations established to maintain order and success.

Let me give the thick headed fools out there an example. If tomorrow morning everyone that worked for Amazon went into their work stations and did exactly what they wanted instead of what they were hired for, the shopaholics around the world would never get their toys. Now how hard is that to understand.  The same thing applies to government.

Rules – regulations and systems are developed for maximum efficiency and productivity. Without rules and regulations and systems in place, all we are is a disorganized mob bumping heads with each-other.  That is exactly what this country has evolved into, a totally disorganized mob fighting and arguing at every turn.  The only thing the fools can agree on is, they agree to disagree.

Put aside personal likes and dislikes and ONLY follow the laws as they were written. END OF PROBLEM.

All that should be AXED of all citizens is to obey the laws as they were written.  That would be  the solution to all of our major problems.  Add a little respect and a lot of EDUCATION in the mix and we would have a complete package.

The attacks on PDT have gotten so out of control; (some are justifies – he is his own worst enemy) it would not surprise me, if PDT reversed it and demanded the release of all detainees in this country,  the other side would have a field day on him. Double standards like I have never seen before.

Tell me I am wrong. Wild Bill was celebrated – PDT was tarred and feather, run out-of-town on a rail.


Both men said exactly the same thing; one was hailed a hero and the other a villain.

Talk about hypocritical!!

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