Donald Shakespeare; Respond or not to respond; that is the question!!


Trump tweet slams Le Bron James, Don Lemon over CNN interview

On one hand we have to give PDT credit for defending himself, his family and his politics. On the other hand, we have to wonder just how bright he is having the compulsion to get down and dirty with every Tom Dick and Harry that breaks his balls.

His latest is:

Donald J. Trump


Lebron James was just interviewed by the dumbest man on television, Don Lemon. He made Lebron look smart, which isn’t easy to do. I like Mike!

PDT does not take any prisoners. He will stand toe to toe with anyone, starting with leaders of foreign countries, all the way down the food chain with some nutcase dude whose kid got locked up in China. La Var got his 30 minutes of fame by bumping head with PDT.


PDT has to know by now, the barrages of insults and criticism are never going to change/stop as long as he is sitting in The Big Chair.  I say ignore the critics like they do not exist and sooner or later they will get tired of fighting a one-sided war and clam up.

BUTT that is not who The Donald was or who he is. He will continue to do what got to where he is regardless of what anyone tells him. How smart is that, it depends who you AXE. We can’t argue with success.

PDT has been bumping heads with Donny Lemonade and fools like him for as long as he has been in office. Nothing new. I say ignore the fool/sheep/follower/groupie/mindless devotee and all the rest of the agate breaking Boulder Rollers.  They would look a lot more foolish than they do now if PDT acted like they are invisible.  After-all, his name is Donald like the duck and he should not give a ^$#@.

As far as the super-star, double dribbler, once pride of the Cavs goes, he also is a fool/sheep/follower/groupie/mindless devotee and like the rest of the agate breaking Boulder Rollers. Stick to what you do best, making money and funding schools Le Bron. My cover is off to you on that  one.


I wonder if James and Lemonade read what the two preachers recently said about PDT.

Black pastors see Trump bringing ‘new hope’ — but still need to …

1 day ago – 1, 2018. (Associated Press). Two black Christian pastors who were … critics who say Trump’s policies have harmed the black community. … Darrell Scott, of Cleveland — calling Trump “the most pro-black president we’ve had in our lifetime. … to believe that things are getting better and are going to get better.

Are the relations between races where they should be?? Not by a stretch. BUTT with a concerted effort between all concerned, we can make a difference.
REPEAT: Do we want our future generations to grow up in the hate-filled world as we have??  Let us all work together for a common goal. We can not change the horrible past, BUTT we can dictate our own future. You don’t have to like me, and I don’t have to like you, all we need to do is:
For all of the PC-pathetic hypnotized, faithful out there. Don’t be a fool/sheep/follower/groupie/mindless devotee like all the rest of the agate breaking Boulder Rollers. Have a mind of your own and give the due to the devil if he deserves it, even if you hate the guy.
PDT, if you are reading this and you should be; Ignora quei pagliacci come se non esistessero nemmeno.
Right Jimmy???
To all of the great people that follow the GG; pass my website on to all of your contacts and have them do the same. AXE them put their email address in the box on the upper right hand side of the home page, every post I do will be delivered directly to them.
I gotta get the viewers count up so I can get a couple backers/sponsors and put my feet up.
Possibly, with your help, we can get more people get on the right track and support our president and the country.
Is PDT always right?? Absolutely not, BUTT he is the best of the worst, all that we have and he is getting better; MAYBE!!
Semper Fi to you all!!

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