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USA Today

CNN’s Don Lemon doubles down on claim that white men are ‘the biggest terror threat’

Don Lemon appears to have missed Wednesday’s memo from CNN brass saying that neither he nor network would be commenting any further on his claim that white men are the biggest terrorist threat to America.


Has this sons-a-bitch lost his mind rolling boulder at the entire white male population. What kind of shit is he smoking. Someone need to put this guy in his place. Does he even begin to realize how many white men he is insulting with his racist comments. Or, like some other black people, does Donny BOY think that racism only goes in one direction??

Lemon’s vile comments:

“Well, tonight I want to talk about some uncomfortable truths: the truth about who really carries out domestic terror attacks in this country,” Lemon began, before reminding viewers of his original remarks. “I said that the biggest terror threat in this country comes from radicals on the far right, primarily white men. That angered some people. But let’s put emotion aside and look at the cold hard facts. The evidence is overwhelming.”

2010. Inmates in adult facilities, by race and ethnicity. Jails, and state and federal prisons.[48]
Race, ethnicity % of US population % of U.S.
incarcerated population
% of racial group
White (non-Hispanic) 64 39 0.45
Hispanic 16 19 0.831
Black 13 40 2.306

If the white guys are the biggest threat to this country, why is it that the blacks who are 13 percent of the population, BUTT commit 40%  of the crimes?? What Ding Dong college did this fool buy his degree from??  I can see he did not major in math.

This BOY is walking on thin ice.  While the majority of others in this country on both side of the fence are trying to smooth over the racial divide, this blatant, racist  fool is trying his hardest to stirring the shit pot.

download (4).jpg

Where does he get to balls to make off the wall comments like he does. Are his hatred slurs not supposed to piss off the entire white population??

Fools like Lemon, who have no business having a microphone available to them, they are a hindrance and detriment to our society. They have no place in America, let alone a having a voice.

I am sure that this piece of work is not ashamed of himself, BUTT he surely should be. While others on both sides of the fence are trying to rid our society of racism, status seekers like Lemon are only throwing a monkey wrench into an already set of broke gears.

I guess Lemon wants to stand out in a crowd.  Probably another fool rattling the bush for a little ink; BUTT he has been on the soap box for quite sometime.

I can’t help BUT wonder if his girlfriend or is it his boyfriend (hard to tell how plays which role) is included in the white men that are the biggest threat to the USA??? Maybe lemon speaks with forked tongue.

Don Lemon holds hands with a mystery man outside TAO Restaurant


Personally, I have been touting racial harmony for years. We don’t have to like or love one another, just RESPECT will do.

Racial harmony is the best thing that can happen to America; not for us older folks, BUTT for the kids coming up in the world, so they do not have to live under the same pathetic circumstance we have created.

Then we have fools like Lemon that gets his rocks off rocking the boat.  Shame on him!!

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