Not a very good bullshitter


One obvious detail revealed this ‘Green Beret’ was a total fraud


The imposter wanted recognition; he got it but not the way he intended.

For real Green Berets, there was one dead giveaway that Brooklyn Army vet Papotia Reginald Wright was an imposter. 

His beret was black.

“We took one look at that and knew he was messed up — it was comical,” said a retired Green Beret, a member of the Guardians of the Green Beret, to The Post on Friday.

“If you’re to pretend to be a Green Beret, at least do it the right way’’ — by wearing a green beret, the veteran said.

Wright was outed this week as a fraud, posing as a Green Beret as he ran an unauthorized veterans “Honor Guard” out of Brooklyn’s Park Slope Armory, according to the Guardians of the Green Beret.

To add to the rouse; Wright’s wife, Tammy Feliciano  lied about being an major while serving in the Army as an executive officer.  With a little research, it was determined she never even served in the Army or any other branch

Lets give the lad the benefit of the doubt. Is it possible that Wright started a new division of the Army called the Black Berets and forgot to make the announcement?

The world is full of wanna be hypocrites. For decades; how many people in DC have pretending to be politicians??

I always maintained 2 things about a bullshitter – they better be good at it, by telling plausible/logical lies  and also they have to have a good memory so they don’t forget the last story they told.

How embarrassing for a bullshitter getting caught standing in their own bull shit when they forget and contradicting themselves.


I think someone should do a follow up on all that lettuce on his chest to make sure he earned them. If I were a betting man ………


Wright was sure wrong by trying to impersonate the real deal.  He really didn’t physically harm anyone, he just made a fool out of himself and insulted all of the true Green Berets who earned the right to wear the Green Beret and have served so proudly.

To them, I give a big:



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