Dumb – dumber – dumbest

Dem leaders take heat for ramping up push to repeal tax cuts

If PDT would end all the hunger – crime – terrorism – racial tensions – wars – get rid of all the nuclear bombs in the world; there would still be some idiots that would fund fault with what he is doing.

Imbeciles like these three clowns below are a perfect example.


DUMB                                          DUMBEST                                    DUMBER


I am wait for them to come up with a reason or to find fault with PDT meeting with the Kid-Dick-Tator.

My old friend used to say; the sons-a-bitch has a loaf of bread under each arm and still complaining.

I am so sick and tied of standing on my soap box shouting; my throat is killing me.


The only – the only – the only -the only – the only ^$%#@*& reason these fools are constantly complaining is because they lost the election. If CHC would have got the deciding check mark and was doing exactly what PDT has (she never could) they would  want to canonize her and make a holy day to celebrate her.

I have posted this several times and will continue to do so to demonstrate the hypocrisy between parties. They refuse to stop and acknowledge all of the accomplishments PDT has made in a short amount of time.  He is one hard nosed, driven, patriotic American; that regardless, if he is doing what he has done because of his egotistical personality,  so be it! The guy is on fire and burning a path right through the old establishment.


AGAIN: The only – the only – the only -the only – the only %$#*&^ reason these fools are complaining constantly is because they lost the election.

I am the very 1st one that would be Rolling BoulderS at PDT if I felt he was getting out of line and was detrimental to the USA.  It is just the opposite. Is he perfect? Hell know; BUTT who is??

I will bet everything I have stashed away. If  there was an investigation initiated against all of PDT’s political Boulder Rollers, at lease 50% or more of them would have so many skeletons in their closet, they would not be able to close the door.


When is this nonsense ever going to stop?? I don’t know about the rest of the GOOD, patriotic, legal American citizens; I am exhausted listening to these fools constantly trying to poke holes in what PDT does.

The fools like the three dummies above not only are an embarrassment to to themselves, they are a humiliation to the USA. To think that we have such irresponsible, bottom feeders running the country, it is scary.

If I live to be 100 years old (doubtful), I will NEVER figure out how so many people can look at the same situation and come away with so many different interpretations?? Perplexing.

FOLKS; you have a loaf of bread under each arm; quit your bitching.

Criticize if there is a need, acknowledge if warranted.

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