When duty calls; for-get-about-it

Fox News

Cops caught having sex in patrol car while ignoring robbery call:


We all know what is more important to some cops. The ever-so-powerful Poon Tang.

Forget about the robbery that was taking place; these two saviors of society had much more important business to take care of instead of what they were sworn to do.

What made this incident a little more steamy than normal; the two that were engaged in the sex act were partners.

Two cops in Argentina were caught on video during their hot pursuit – as they had sex in their patrol car while ignoring a radio call about a robbery, according to a report.

The female officer in Rosario is seen performing a sex act on her partner while a dispatcher alerts them to a robbery, the Mirror of the UK reported.

On the bright side; at least they were male and female!!

It was not reported if this case has been brought to a climax or not.  Follow-up will be posted as further news comes in.

Just telling it like it is and shooting straight from the hip as promised.


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4 Responses to When duty calls; for-get-about-it

  1. Brittius says:

    ARGENTINA (Thank God. What a scandal if here.): It’s a whole different ballgame down there. All the cops south of the Tex-Mex border, think they are the 1980s TV show CHIPS.

    • That is a rough Bunch down there to deal with. Fear and respect go hand-in-hand. But I’m sure you know that better than anyone

      • Brittius says:

        Yes. They like “Mordida”, bribes as a way of life to counter low pay, and they work for organized crime.
        The Mexican Federales, I met in the 1980s, when they came to NYC to pick someone up, rather than trust the person put on a plane. Those guys are extremely professional. They are college graduates, because the conversation covered their qualifications, and, they spoke perfect English. Their paperwork was squared and endorsed by federal district court here. I brought so many into the federal system, their personnel thought that I was a fed. I was too old to roll over and become a fed. I also arrested a Dominicano cop who was in NYC and waving “la pistola”, threatening to shoot people. Some days, I used to feel myself going bald. Today.., I have an Elmer Fudd, hairdo.

      • Can’t tell a Mexican by its cover

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