It’s for you – Hellooo – Good Bye

Man, 32, reportedly dies while charging iPhone in the bath

In the record book of geniuses, I am sure Richard Bull’s name will not be on the list.

It is believed that Bull, like so many other people in the world that are addicted to their electronic monsters that consume our lives, plugged the phone’s charger into an extension cord from the hallway.  Not a smart idea, given that the lad then got into a bathtub full of water and rested the phone on his chest while he was blowing bubbles.


Bulls, who was 32 years old must not have heard that electricity and water do not make good bath fellows?

I hope it was an important call he was making, it was his last.  When the phone slipped off of his chest, the electricity did the rest.

To all of Bull’s brilliant cousins out there, the call or text can wait.

I can bet that some nefarious people out there are getting some bright ideas on how to collect on an insurance policy prematurely.

Recommendation: Folks, if you have any suspicions at all about your $OUL mate, keep that bathroom door locked and your cell phone in your bedroom. An ounce of protection is worth a pound of cure.

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