Security my Keaster

Equifax breach worsens, sparking more concerns about consumers’ data


Anyone that trusts their MOST PERSONAL AND PRIVATE information to an outside source is a fool.  With the trust factor being in the dumps these days; how the hell does anyone know if the companies like Equifax themselves are not abusing the data you are sending them?

Equifax may have been hacked again | New York Post

This security company has more holes in it than the colander my grandmother used to drain her pasta in.
Just in case we have readers asleep at the key board; there is a tool out there called flash drives that stores and backs up information.  They come in all shapes and sized, able to record millions of bits of information for under 40.00$.  SOOOOO, why would anyone entrust a company like Equifax with their person or business information.
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Just as a precaution; I would have 2 flash drives a and backup your information twice.

Equifax may have been hacked again | New York Post

Every time the company has been hacked, they come out with SPECIAL FREE ONE TIME OFFER to store your information; just so they can get back in the graces of the public. ANDDDD; what happens, more fools flock to their website. Has anyone ever heard of this very old cliche’:


They are like the dummy that keeps sticking his finger in the light socket, not believing  his is getting shocked or social media addict that posts on Facebook they are going on vacation for 2 weeks; ALL THIEVES ARE WELCOME – THE KEYS ARE IN THE FLOWER POT.

FOLKS, in this day of the Super Criminal Sloths and the professional hacker, no ones information is totally safe, let alone being foolish enough to voluntarily send to an outside source to store it.  If our own government, the people that are supposed to have the greatest technology in the world, can get hacked, and they do on a regular basis,  how the hell do you think your information is safe giving it to an outside source.

I have always maintained; as soon as any company comes out with a theft proof device; before that thing hits the streets, the thieves already have a way to crack it.  

Someway, somehow the hackers can get your information; BUTT, let’s not be stupid by giving them a helping hand.  While you are at it, might as well make your SS # public.


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