Jesus Christ help us!!

What are the ‘bump stocks’ on the Las Vegas shooter’s guns?

I won’t elaborate on this most disturbing news piece at length. This absolutely irresponsibility news clip is beyond belief. It may be the worst example of ignorance I have ever witnessed. I will let it speak for itself.

Why in the hell would anyone give step by step instructions on how to rig a semi-automatic rifle so it can be fired like an automatic???  If  it is not total insanity on CNN, the police department and whomever part that was involved in making this news clip, I don’t know what is. I don’t think it is possible to get more reckless and derelict.

Mark my word. Tonight there are 100’s of nut cases out there that are going to implement these modifications, all because some nit-wits news media and idiotic police department GAVE them instructions on how to do it.

If anyone is killed in the future because of the information contained in this news article, CNN and the police department should be held responsible.

It is mind-boggling.

Is this freedom of the press or freedom of ignorance and carelessness? Folks, has the media in this country completely lost it just to post a scoop??

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