Reward or penalty?

Stephen Port, serial killer who drugged gay men, jailed for life:

This was one very busy homophobic dude.

London (CNN)

A serial killer who drugged and murdered four men he met on gay dating sites has been jailed for life.

Stephen Port, 41, from London, was convicted of killing Anthony Walgate, 23, Gabriel Kovari, Daniel Whitworth, 21, and Jack Taylor, 25, over a 15-month period between June 2014 and September 2015.

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London police are also investigating 58 more murders that this psycho Port may be involved in.  When did the guy have time to sleep?
I just can’t understand the mentality of the judicial systems around the world that reward criminals with a vacation for the rest of their lives instead of putting their lights out.
Many of these deranged people love to be incarcerated, just like Brer Rabbit wanted to be thrown into the briar patches.
This is the primary reason some commit the crimes so they can be locked up.  It is like Old Home Week for many of them.
Where else can the bums get 3 hot meals a day – a roof over their head – TV all day – exercise rooms – a library so they can educate themselves on how to harass the system and all the pretty little boys they are attracted to?
In the USA it costs the taxpayers between $32,00 and $60,000 a year to lock up a prisoner. How sweet is that? Some of lock-downs have better amenities than the Four Seasons to ensure that cons are adequately taken care of.
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Some of these homes away from home even allow conjugal  visits.
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So tell me; what is the downside to being a criminal??
The authorities continue to complain their prisons are overcrowded and the states are going broke housing these bums. There is one sure way of eliminating that problem. Resurrect Judge Roy “The Hanging Judge” Bean and drain the swamps. (tks Donald).
Especially with the advent of DNA where the criminal is 110% guilty, what is the purpose of keeping them around or giving them the luxury of 20 years of appeals?  Get out the rope.
In life there can not be anything as fair as; doing to others as they would do to you.  
There are solutions to the overcrowded prison systems around the world but there doesn’t have to be. If anyone is convicted of a capital crime 110% beyond a reasonable doubt, they should be  hung – shot – gassed – electrocuted or guillotined the same day.   I don’t think that is brutal or an unjust punishment; what goes around should come around.
As of 7-10-16, there were 2900 people on death row in the USA.  Using the average of 45 grand a year to house these people X 2,900 = a staggering $ 130,500,000 a year keep them alive.
In the USA a typical prisoner sits on death row for between 10 & 20 years.  For the sake of conversation, let us say 15 years. 15 X $130,500,000 = $1,957,500,000. That is a B not an M. How about those tomatoes?
In the Land of Tea and Crumpets, we have a killer that was convicted of 4 homicides and possibly 58 or more, put in prison for life, probably having it a lot better inside than he did outside. That is really rewarding him for his dastardly deeds not penalizing him.  It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.
So I ask again; what is the downside to being a criminal??

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