What a free loading peice of work

Racist Commie Agitator Wants Reparations, Maybe Permanent White Slavery Is Best



She doesn’t look too worse for wear living among all of us honkies!

IF Angela would answer two questions in a truthful manner it would be a true admission for her and a lot of her other supporting freeloaders. These people know the truth but do not want to admit it. They are only looking for a free ride.

# 1: If her father, brother or any other relative was a rapist – molester – criminal or slave owner; should she or any of her family be responsible for their actions?

There is only one answer she can give for question #1. If she went the other way, she is definitely a fool and a liar. That may apply  regardless.

# 2: what percentage of slavery was controlled by black people.

Did Black People Own Slaves?

 Henry Louis Gates Jr., The Root, March 4, 2013
As history tells the sad tale; many in the black community were as guilty of slavery as the white people were.

There are idiots in the world that are not satisfied unless they are stirring the shit pot.


They are parasitic – blood sucking leeches that are making a good living off of their own people’s miseries.  I can name  about a dozen of them right off the bat.

All of this racial hatred and discourse in this country can be settled if all sides concerned would set aside what happened yesterday that can not be changed but what happens tomorrow and in the future can be.

A very large part of the problems we have in this country was initiated by our own government, government assistance. It was developed  for helping people who needed assistance because of health or physical issues and eventually grew into a monster that created millions of zombies that do not want to work.

There is a significant number of people, free-loaders in this category that would refuse to work if a job was offered to them. Their new 4 letter word is WORK.

Where the hell is it written that ANYONE of ANY RACE or nationality should be paid to do nothing?  Now we still have a large majority of them want reparation for something that happened over 200 years ago and much of the blame goes directly to their own people. It is insanity.

It has nothing to do with the misdeeds; it is all about getting free money from the government and no having to work for it.

The NEW GUY will never buy into that.





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  1. Brittius says:

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    Blacks in Harlem, NY, owned slaves, and promoted slavery as prosperity. They worked the farmland north of 125th Street, north of the culvert, in the same area, where my paternal grandfather hunted whitetail deer in 1914, in Manhattan, New York City. Slaves were more like laborers and not the stereotype slaves. There is an entire recorded history in the NYC Historical Society. There are slaves buried in Lower Manhattan, around Washington Street, where an excavation project found skeletal remains. Church graveyards have slaves buried in them. Blacks owned slaves and were more like laborer foremen. Slaves, ate well and were clothed. Freed slaves, fought on the side of Continental troops and have a history of gallantry under enemy fire. There was something that I read but do not recall where, that in Africa, tribal chiefs sold slaves. They could not feed the people and figured it was a 50/50 crap shoot, some would live, some would die, but if they remained, there was only famine. Most slaves, were baptized as Roman Catholic, by Portuguese priests before they boarded the slave transport ships. The slaves, many of them, were Catholics.

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