I could not find anything worthwhile to post today, but I did find something away from the daily doldrums that would be a pleasant change of pace.

Everyday it is still the same old miwith the liberal media still in shocked, crying about their pathetic predictions of the election and sore losers  trying to persuade Hillary to go for a recount.


Same old mi. Give it a rest LADIES, the votes are counted – your predictions were wrong and she got her booty busted.  The best thing that has happened to the USA in many years.

Now to the WOW. Take a look at this shot. It is ALMOST too hard to believe.

It took a trio of Australian blokes, Brett Stanford, Derek Herron and Scott Gaunson three attempts before they sunk the big one. Only 3 attempts? I would have guessed 300 or more and then still very doubtful.

They set a new world record from the top of a dam in Switzerland  from a height of 593.73-ft.


Another WOW.




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