Taking care of business

TRUMP’S TRIUMPH: Carrier comes to an agreement with Trump, Pence to keep ‘close to 1,000 jobs’ in Indiana

PEDT is doing what a president should be doing, Taking care of business. He is out there shaking the bush and making some significant things fall out of the trees in the business world.

Trump is putting his money where his mouth is and is going to have a very impact on the economy is this country.

I don’t know for sure but I do not remember one time, with any company, that Obama met with face to face to try and dissuade them from getting their hat.


Trump understands big business, how it operates, all the loopholes and how to maneuver through all of its intricacies.

One thing that sets Trump head and shoulders above the rest is his PERSONAL TOUCH that is so important in doing business and communicating.  There are going to be many of these face to face meetings with the parties concerned during his presidency instead of sending the janitor to negotiate with the CEOs’ on important issues.

As we all know about Trump – he is a very patriotic person – a hell of a business man – very confident in whatever he does and to top the list an extremely egotistical person.  Point being; if nothing else, because of his ego and unwillingness to fail, that is what drives him to succeed in whatever he undertakes as president.

Just like after all the votes were counted, there are going to be millions of  naysayers that will have to download-6as he progresses through his presidency.


The party has was not even begun and he has made significant strides. He just may be the best president the USA has ever had?????


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