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Punk ass cop

LORAIN, OHIO – Lorain police are defending themselves against brutality claims raised by a man whose head was slammed into a cruiser with enough force to shatter the windshield. How else can this punk ass cop be described but as … Continue reading

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Gone off the deep end

I know this is old news. I just wanted to express my 3 cents on how off the deep-end some PC-pathetic people have gone with this politically correctness nonsense. Soledad O’Brien Tells The Real “Thug Is Proxy For N****r” [Video] There … Continue reading

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Better hurry folks, time is running out

Stephen Hawking says we’ve got about 1,000 years to find a new place to live If you have any pressing issues that need immediate attention, you better hurry and get them done. The clock is ticking. According to one of … Continue reading

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It is all business

  CNN The billion-dollar Obamacare business with Trump family ties There have been so many issues that have arisen since Trump trumped Hillary that should prove to all the numb-nuts out there that the man is sincere and is looking out … Continue reading

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Too little too late

San Antonio police shooting suspect offers apology Cop killer McKane was arrested and taken into custody without incident. As he was escorted out of the police department, reporters asked him why he had been upset. “Society not allowing me to … Continue reading

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Animals attack

Fox News POLICE AND LAW ENFORCEMENT 4 cops shot in 3 states during bloody Sunday for police nationwide: The animals that attack/ambush/kill or shoot cops wonder why certain races and nationalities are profiled. These sub-human are a group of cowards … Continue reading

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Abort that decision Francis

Pope Francis extends Catholic priests’ right to forgive abortion Many times the relaxation or alteration of the rules, laws and or regulations weaken the system and the stability of any organization no matter what genre they are affiliated with. I … Continue reading

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Close to home

Chicago police say charges are expected in death of congressman’s grandson Sometimes it takes an incident close to home for our government officials to wake up and smell the napalm. This should be a big wake-up call to Danny Davis … Continue reading

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Need a good laugh

All of the naysayers had to eat a good sized helping of   . Some of them were even so frustrated, they even forgot to de-feather the foul. This can serve as a good education for all. Never count your … Continue reading

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Silence is golden

If I had one suggestion to give Donald Trump it would be to; QUIT TWEETING.  Silence is golden. As bad as Mr. Trump thinks it is to inform our enemy,  we are coming to kick your ass in 2 months, it … Continue reading

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