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Man charged in golf club assault over course etiquette at Texas club

This jackoff has taken his love for the game of golf to new heights or lows.


Michael PUMMEL Plumlee, 27 and four of his friends were putting on the 16th hole at the Indian Greek Golf Course when another group of other men hit their ball onto the green according to the cops.


As the 2nd group of hackers approached the green, the highly pissed off Plumlee the PUMMELER threw the man’s foul ball at him,  got out his trusty 1 iron and began doing a Babe Ruth on the men’s head sending him to sick bay with severe bruises and a concussion. 

Plumlee the PUMMELER is being charged with assault with a deadly golf club in addition to other charges.

The only thing that seemed to bother The Pummeler was that he was not allowed to finish his round of golf.

So much for the old courtesy of letting someone play through.





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