Stranger – very strange

I am the first one that believes in – let bygones be bygones – forgive and forget – turn the other cheek- stick and stones will break my balls and so forth, BUT…..

In every person life, there should be a limit as to how much abuse they should be expected to take and still be conciliatory or forgiving to one’s rival/enemy.

PEDT is a mystery in many different ways.  We all know that he loves a fight – he is a brawler at heart and goes for the jugular vein at the right time when he is ready for the kill.

On the other side of the guy, he is either the most forgiving guy on the planet or a BIG WHATEVER that many people besides myself can not figure out.

This man was running for the presidency of the USA against all political odds. He had just about every politician in the country against him in one way or another. In that war of words, some of the most violent and vicious rhetoric ever in politics was slammed at him by  all sides. They even brought up the other guys wives trying to discredit their families.

Probably one of his most vicious attackers/enemies was Mitt Romney that slammed the shit out of Trump, up one side of him and down the other. He called him everything but a rich white guy.


After the ashes settled, the votes are counted and the election was over there are millions of nay-sayers that are eating crow.  One of the biggest losers in the culinary pack of crow eaters is Mitt Romney.


Many have alluded to the fact; if Romney had as much fire in his belly going against Obama as he did slamming Trump, we would not be looking at this situation now.

This is where the mystery of PEDT comes in.  Trump is now considering Romney for the # 3 position in the government, Secretary of State.  Why?

There are 2 WHY’s that need to be answered. Why is Trump doing what he is doing and WHY would Romney even consider  working for a person he despised so intensely?


Is Romney that super qualified for the position or has that much experience in politics that Trump is willing to let bygones be bygones?

Is Romney that much of a hypocritical patriot that he is willing to swallow his pride and work for a man he detests so he can serve his country?

Personally, in a situation as volatile as this was, I don’t think I could forgive or trust the person that tried to bury me politically.  Romney said some very nasty things about Trump in his attempt to topple the man.

I am sure there are a lot of other choices out there that are as qualified and more trustworthy than Romney for Trump to choose from. Especially in a position as critical as Secretary of State. I think Trump should consider other options carefully.

Mr. Trump should not forget; this guy did everything he possibly could to send him to the gallows.  He has to watch his back.  Romney’s allegiance to the all of the other people named Judas in the party goes a lot deeper to them than it does to Trump.





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3 Responses to Stranger – very strange

  1. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    No Romney in administration. He is a backstabber.
    “Et tu, Mitt?”

  2. Sandra Kepp Schorpp says:

    I agree 100%……….he’s an enemy and should not be trusted

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