Absolute nonsense

Deported veterans fight to return ‘home’ from Mexico

There are ALWAYS exceptions to the rule and this should be one of them. 

Army Veteran Hector Barajas was brought to the United States from Mexico by his parents when he was seven years old in 1984. He grew up in Compton, California and like many kids, he dreamed of being a soldier.

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These days Hector and a group of other deported veterans gather at  place in Tijuana Mexico called the Deported Veterans Support Home or sometimes referred to as “The Bunker.” It’s a safe house for deported veterans founded by a deported U.S. veteran in 2013.

How do you like those apples; deporting veterans????

Somehow in all of their wisdom, because of what some USA government official wrote or because of some ridiculous regulation drafted by a Remington Raider; these men, although they served the United States in the military, put their lives on the line daily while in combat were deported back to Mexico because of some technicality.  In my opinion, if anyone enlists in the US military and serve out their full term, discharged with honorable conditions, they should be granted automatic citizenship.

What the hell is the matter with some of these pathetic pencil pushers we have running this country. Their cowardly ass never spent one day in a uniform in the defense of the USA but they have the gall and authority to shit can an honorably discharged veteran back to their country of origin on a technicality. Am I the only one that sees something drastically wrong with that picture?

We wonder why the USA has so many discrepancies with their decision making?  This is just a small example of why.

You fools should be ashamed of yourself;. Get all of those people back on this side of the boarder, give them a permanent citizenship and a job for life.

Did you ever hear of the cliche; always take care of whomever takes care of you??? It doesn’t appear that way.

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1 Response to Absolute nonsense

  1. Rifleman III says:

    Reblogged this on Rifleman III Journal and commented:
    All non-citizens, if they Honorably serve in the Armed Forces, SHOULD, be made US citizens, along with their spouse and children. What’s right, is right. Honorably Discharged veterans, belong to the US.
    Let’s go one step further. Look at the photograph. Fruit salad, bottom row, closest to the gig line, it’s an Army Good Conduct Medal. The guy is worthy to be, an American. He’s one of us, he’s someone America needs as a citizen.

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