No honor among thieves

WHAT’S THE DEAL? Kasich tells Indiana voters to back him, despite promise to give Cruz ‘a clear path’

Way back, when political combatants rode their chariots  into the Coliseum; although they were out to destroy and kill one another, out of desperation, as each one of them were being gobbled up by the beast, they made a solemn  oath that they would support the front- runner when the time came. It wasn’t long before they all turned on each-other and threw their opponents to the lions. So much for a politicians word.


Knowing that they both haD a snow balls chance in hell of getting the nomination; no more than a couple of days ago, Cruz and Kasich took a blood oath to squeeze out Trump by directing their supporters they had in different states to the other person.  Oath was broken before the blood dried up on the paper it was written on. So much for a politician keeping their word.

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Back-door deals  and underhanded conniving like this are indicative of just how politics operates. The politicians word on anything is guaranteed to be nothing but a lot of download (4).

I am still very pissed off about the post I did yesterday regarding those scrounge/parasites/beggars/political worms spending half of their time on the phone soliciting money from the American people. The begging is one thing but the fact they are not doing what they were voted into office for is the real kick in the American taxpayers ass.

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I made an observation back in 2008. The republican party has 4 years to get their act together – unite and find a suitable candidate in 2016. It will be my guess when the time comes they will still be as screwed up as a Chinese fire-drill.   WELL

Folks; the problem with politics and many other high rolling positions in this world; where there is money and power up for grabs, greed and backstabbing come into play, all loyalty among thieves goes out the window.


If these political parasite can’t even keep a promise/pact between themselves, how do you think they handle the commitments they make to the American people??


Commander and Chief


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