Hang your head in shame America

The disgraceful scholastic/academic conditions of the the kids in our school systems in the United States:

According to the news, only 37% on average of all high school kids in the United States are prepared for college in mathematics and in English. 37%, is that disgraceful or what??

As far as I’m concerned this is just another indicator of how far the United States has failed in all areas over the past few years. Give us anther 20 years or less at this pace, the USA is going to resemble a 3rd world country. In some areas it already does.

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I keep standing on my soap box and preaching EDUCATION for years but it keep falling on deaf ears.


What do we think once made America great? Brilliant, hardworking – patriotic – educated people.

Most of those characteristics/attributes have been kicked to the curb. People don’t care any more.  The government has turned this country into a bunch of free loading scavengers that don’t have to work anymore. They do not have to try hard – everything is handed to them on a silver platter. Why study – why work hard to establish a good life? Uncle Sammy is going to take care of us. He has been for 5 generations.

Because of the unbelievable – illogically – un-explainable  mentality of this administration and the enablers that came before it; the time has come to Pay the Piper.

pay the piper definition 
Bear the consequences of an action or activity that one has enjoyed. we will have to pay the piper, and the price is apt to be a high one


What once started out as a well intended aid to some of the unfortunate people in this country that truly needed some assistance; turned out to be one mammoth, gargantuan out of control disaster.

Does the fact ever occur to the politicians that one of the reasons the USA is in such dire straights is because of the multitude of social programs that are GIVEN to people that really don’t need them?


Folks; whether you understand this or not, all of these handouts and give-aways have turned a vast majority of our citizens into blood sucking zombies.  They have no ambition – drive – desire to better themselves – to be self-sufficient or to further themselves in this world. All of the social services have made them lethargic slackers.

What is their incentive to get an education when they can live better off of social services than if the worked for a living.  The government has has created the ultimate four letter word that does not exist in their vocabulary; WORK.

It just does not add up. Take the cities out west that have run out of water that thought it would never happen.  There is only so much water in ANY well, that if not replenished it will  definitely run dry.

The scholastic achievements have continually fallen over the years and will continue to fall if someone doesn’t do something about it. It has to start at the top. EDUCATION spells success.

Take away the freebies and social services from the people that don’t need them. This will force people to go to work if they want to eat.

The USA’s leaders keep sticking their heads in the sand trying to avoid making hard decisions because they are not popular with the voters. Drastic times call for drastic actions. All the politicians are worried about is not rocking the boat because it will effect their popularity.

We now have a person running for the presidency that is not a politician and isn’t afraid of rocking the boat.

Donald Trump in a very short period of time has opened the eyes and ears of many American people. He touched on issues that no politicians would dare to touch with a 50′ pole.  He is not afraid of taking the bull by the horns and do what is right for the country. Like our caring parent did years ago when we were kids; he doesn’t worry about giving this country a good dose of cod-liver oil because he knows we really need it.

In a very slow, almost unnoticeable process, it took some of the USA’s citizens about 40 years to get to the stupidity level they are today. If we started today; (I don’t think we ever will) it would take another 50 years plus to get back to the levels we once were in the EDUCATIONAL  department.

For all the fools out there that do not recognize this fact; EDUCATION is the key to all of life’s doors. Without EDUCATION we have nothing.

Is it an absolute disgrace that many of the people being passed in grade school – high school and college can’t spell their name or count past 20 without having their shoes and socks off.

I would not want to be a teacher in some of these schools in this country for any amount of money. The abuse some of the teachers are compelled to take is off the charts. The teacher, out of desperation, pass these clowns just to get them out of the class for another year.

What is the answer to all of these dilemmas?  It certainly isn’t an easy one.  It has to start at home and than be supported by our government by cutting out the hand-outs and setting new standards for EDUCATION.  Support teachers in the battles with the incorrigible students.

The truth hurts but the very sad reality of it all is; I don’t ever see the USA getting back to where it once was in all areas of expertise.  It has been going on too long and is totally out of control. It is much easier for our supposed leaders to stick their heads in the sand than to take a direct stand to turn it around.

Like a Black Hole, the whirlpool is swirling, getting bigger and bigger and sucking in everything around it.

The arrogant Romans didn’t think their empire could ever fall either. It is just a matter of time.

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