The prophet of profit

Nike founder Phil Knight worries that the USA is losing its entrepreneurial edge


The founder and owner of the world’s largest and successful footwear company has some serious concerns about the direction the USA’s economy s going.  Mr. Knight doesn’t know just how prophetic he is.

Not only is the USA getting the boot in the tennis shoe industry but many the of the country’s businesses are in as shape but isn’t smart enough to see the forest on account of the trees.

Knight sees the handwriting on the wall and doesn’t like the inscriptions.

In all of the supposed wisdom that the USA’s leaders should have; through the years, little by little they have given the farm away to foreign investors and foreign countries, forced companies to get their hat, leaving the country, all in the name of ignorance and filling their own coffers. It is GREED with a capitol F.

A smart person or government would see the merits and financial advantages of making it easier for big business to want to set up shop in the USA. As a general practice, the government complicated the process to such a degree that companies find it a lot easier and more profitable to do business in foreign  countries.  Who can blame them. The USA should be cutting out at least 75% of the red tape required to do business here.  It is all about control.

Click to access doing-business-in-the-us-2014.pdf

It is like a guy that has been cheating on his wife for years; she knew he was tiptoeing through the tuples  but put up with his extra curricular activities; until. One morning the guy wakes up and there is an empty space in the bed next to him. He is so stupid he can’t figure out why is faithful wife isn’t there and where she went. She just had enough.

I’am not suggesting that the government give all companies Carte Blanche; what I am suggesting is they co-operate a hell of a lot more than they do. It is all about domination and control.

FEDERAL FELLAS; better open up your eyes and ears; the economy clock is ticking, their batteries are very low and there are more and more empty warehouses in this country.

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Bring out the welcome mat –  not the unwelcome mat

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I don’t know if the words stupidity or ignorance are strong enough words to describe the way this country is run?????

The way our lawmakers view the situation; the more taxes they tack onto companies, they more they are going to make. Absolute opposite. The more taxes they impose, the more companies are pulling up stakes and the less tax revenue is coming in.

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