It’s the USMC not a social club

Court-martialed for expressing faith? Court hears ex-Marine’s religious freedom case:

Initially when read the headlines I thought this lady was being bamboozled. After read it I formed a different opinion.

Monifa Sterling, while serving at Camp Lejeune in the Marine Corps posted some biblical verses at her desk and around her work area.  Despite orders from a superior to remove them she purposely disobeyed their orders.   Anyone that has served in the Corps knows that is not acceptable; an order is an order.

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The biblical message Sterling post was No weapon formed against thee shall prosper. She was repeatedly TOLD to remove the signs but refused.

A good question is; why is she serving in the military with beliefs like that??

It can  be compared to someone being guy. It is all well and good if a person is gay but but they should not try to shove their beliefs and lifestyles down other peoples throat. Believe what you want to believe but do not try and convert me. Or a kid working at the Golden Arches posting a sign on his cash register saying;  We hate beef.

One thing lead to the other, the situation escalated and got out of control.

Sterling went the whole route with her acts of disobedience. In my opinion she probably wanted to get out of the military.

Eventually  she was court-martialed for various offenses relating to separate incidents — including disrespecting a superior officer, disobeying lawful orders and failing to report to an assigned duty. She was bust down to Private from her rank as Lance Corporal, given a BCD (bad-conduct discharge), and got the boot.

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The obstinate lady has appealed her case and it has gone to a federal court for review. Years ago she would have had a snowballs chance in hell of winning her case but with all the wack jobs sitting behind the benches and as complacent and PC as the military has become, who knows.

I would guess if she does win her case, a sizable lawsuit will follow shortly thereafter. Isn’t that what the case is all about??

Semper Fi to the Corps. I hope they keep up the traditions that made it one of the worlds great fighting machines.



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One Response to It’s the USMC not a social club

  1. jimallega says:

    Fucking shine should lose all VA benefits also

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