Sour Cruz and desperate move

Cruz should take a 8 month cruise and come back after the votes are counted.  I think it is safe to say that at this juncture the lad is just pissing up a rope.

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One of the most brilliant statements I have heard come out of Teddy’s mouth is;  the reason Trump has been so successful in his unorthodox campaign is because the news media is behind him. 

He is absolutely right, they are behind him but from what I have seen, all of them, even Fox have been trying to stick it to him where the sun doesn’t shine and break it off.

I don’t know where Teddy has been for the last few months but the only thing they have not thrown at Trump is the kitchen sink.  It may be coming.

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Part 2:

Teddy made an announcement today;  in a desperate attempt to try and salvage what is left of his campaign, he is considering asking Carly Fiorina to be his running mate if nominated.

It wasn’t too long ago that the duo were throwing boulders at one another claiming how incompetent the other was.  Politics at it’s best.

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During the debates

Teddy; Look; she thinks if my back is against the wall I would ask her to be my running mate. What a joke!!!

Carly; Who you pointing at Teddy boy; I wouldn’t run on your ticket even if my husband said I could. 

The best thing Teddy can do for his own sanity is go to sick bay and get a prescription for losers anxiety, take a few of the pills tonight before bed time and he will feel a lot better in the morning.

Maybe he should call Kenny Rogers for some good old fashion western advice.

Trump just may pull of the;  I bet he can’t of the century. 

The next few months are going to be very interesting to watch.  Many of the fence sitters that have been throwing stone at Trump are going to be making an about face, just in case the impossible happens and Trump does get elected to the presidency.

The little I know of The Donald; he has a very good memory and is going to settle a lot of scores in a clandestine way if he is elected. It is commonly called – GET BACK.

I think that the debates between Trump and Bill’s wife are going to be viewed by more people around the world than the Super Bowl. Just a guess.

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