The gender-bender war

The America’s gender-bender bathroom war:

Doesn’t this country have enough on it’s plate to deal with without this transgender nonsense?  If as much effort was put into correcting the major military and financial problems that plague our country as we have here, we would be in much better shape.

Where did all of these transgender people come from all of a sudden. I could count on one hand their numbers 5 years ago; now it is like an epidemic.  All of the confused kids in this country are looking to switch gears.

The money mongers even made a TV series named Jazz Jennings; a boy trapped in a girls body.  Never viewed it and never will. But I can just imagine the kids out there that watch the program who are a lot more confused about their sexuality than if they had never watched the program.


I really don’t know and don’t care what sexual reference this kid or any adult has. What I do object to is airing programs like this on TV that are produced purposely in order to sway the people that are boarder line case already.

Another huge thing that the media is leaning heavily on these days is the interracial thing. There are not 5 commercials on the tube any more that do not show interracial couples. It is purposely done to subliminally influence our younger generations.

Subliminally | Define Subliminally at

existing or operating below the threshold of consciousness; being or employing stimuli insufficiently intense to produce a discrete sensation but often being or designed to be intense enough to influence the mental processes or the behavior of the individual: a subliminal stimulus; subliminal advertising.

By the time kids reach the age of spreading their wings, their sub-conscience  will have already have been programmed.

Why not let nature take it’s course like it has for 5 billion years and we never had a problem. One of our biggest hurdles/obstacles we have in this country today are the PC-ers with all of their concocted notions they want the rest of society to accept.

There is another group of people circulating around this planet that are trying to convert everyone by force  into their way thinking or else.

This country was founded on people having  a free will to make their own decisions on how to live their life not being compelled into accepting anyone else’s philosophies.  This non-sense has gotten way out of hand and doesn’t look like it will get better unless more logical and sensible people stand up and be recognized.  Are they all cowards?????

Situations like this is one of my primary reasons for posting what I do, to try and bring some people back to being the human-beings that made our society great and proud at one time. What do we have to be proud of these days? Anyone have the answer?????

Some kids these days are not screwed up enough trying to find their identity let alone throwing this gender nonsense in their face at every turn.  If the gender benders were not getting as much ink as they are, their numbers would only be about 10% of what we are seeing today.  Some of the kids today are a mental mess because of all the outside intervention.

Now we have the monumental issue of who pisses where. I will guarantee; a large percentage of the people that are using the opposite sex restrooms of what their birth gender is; many of them are impostors getting their rocks off by invading what used to be off limits to them.

No one asked them to change their sex. It was either selective on their part or they were truly born in confusion. At any rate, their sexual preferences should not be everyone else’s problem.

There are stalls in all rest rooms, either male or female. Why is it necessary for them to use the one of their choice? It should be mandatory that all people use the restrooms of the sex they were born into.

Another options is; let us regress and go back to what a lot of foreign countries did years back; unisex restrooms. The direction we are headed into today, what is the hell is the difference.  As the old saying goes; if you’ve have seen one, you’ve have seen them all.

Possibly the USA is too hung up on nudity. Lets put all of the porn stars and other perverts out of business by us all stripping down to our birthday suit and eliminate all of this conflict. If we are going to go NUTS, let’s go all the way and everyone take it all off.

images (1)

They look like one happy family to me. I bet they don’t have gender-specific issue with their heads (military for bathrooms) they use.

One of the major of pluses to nudity; you don’t have to worry about what to wear the next day.

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