Trumps Waterloo

Trump still insists he didn’t insult reporter with disabilities, even with the video clearly showing his antics; now wants an apology for the accusation.

If anything is going to bring down the Big Fella is his verbose personality and the gigantic hang-up he has when it comes to admitting he was out of line.

The have been too many incidents to count. The 3 major insults that stick in my mind was the one about John McCain not being a war hero -Megyn Kelly bleeding  from every orifice – now he is clearly mocking some disable reporter because of a dispute they have over what Trump said about some Muslims cheering the 911 tragedy.

I have to side with The Donald. I did see some Muslims cheering as well. I don’t remember if they were in the USA or across the pond.

How can this supposedly intelligent man say the things he says about people and more importantly, deliberately lies about it. Those are not very good characteristics for a man that has aspiration of being the Top Dog on the planet.

It is almost laughable that a person with so much polish has a very dull shine to him.

Lets hope DT gets his act straightened out. I still believe between all of the candidates he has the best messages going.

If it were not for The Trumpster a lot of issues that plague the USA would not have been brought to the forefront because the Coward’s of the County are too afraid to address them. You know; that PC  thing and the backlash.

So Donny; if you are reading the Goomba Gazette as you shold be; cut out the miand start taking responsibility for your off color, offensive remarks. With a hairdo like that, you have little room for criticism.


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2 Responses to Trumps Waterloo

  1. Rifleman III says:

    …Hoof in Mouth Disease.

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