Black eye Friday

These shoppers sure know how to celebrate the holiday spirit.


I think the powers to be should change the name of Black Friday to Black eye Friday. The shopping puglisitis are out in droves punching, scratch and kicking the shit out of one another trying to get the bargain basement prices.

You son of a bitch; I saw that first – You bastard I was here before you – You rotten bitch, I slept here all night wanting to be first in line. The jingle goes on and on.


I can’t get over the fact that the black community hasn’t made a big effort into changing the name of Black Friday.

I don’t know how accurate it is but I understand that the name went all the way back to slavery days, when the black people were selling their own people as slaves to the white slave owners?

As much conversation that is made over some trivial issues, I would think that the connotation would be high on the black people’s priority list of necessary changes.

Be that as it may; the department store owners should hire Vinny (WWF) McMahon to referee and videotape some of their brawls. From what I see, the department store brawls are as good as what is in the square circle.

2  1

I hope CVS and Drug-Mart has a sale on bandages and gauze; by the looks of it, the tag team scrapers will be needing a lot of them.

Happy Holiday all you nut cases.  No biting allowed; you know with the infections and all!!

Kicks to the nuts are not off limits!!

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