Shakedown at it’s finest

Muslim Parents of ‘Clock Kid’ Now Suing the School District:

Once upon a time, there was a little 14 year old kid named Ahmed Mohamed that thought he would be creative; made a device that looked exactly like a homemade bomb and brought it to school for show and tell.

Anyone that would see this thing would have to immediately think it was real. Bomb – Muslim – school?????

There are thousands of kids that look like just Ahmed who are recruited to be suicide bombers by the terrorists, so hypothetically why could this kid not be one of them.

The school officials called the cops. They handcuffed the  little scientist and arrested him. As the story goes; thankfully it was a fake bomb and no one got hurt.

Now the rest of the tale.  It appears that either some sick/slick ambulance chaser got a hold of the kids plight and thought it would be a good way to make a score; or the little guys devious parents felt that their little kids rights were violated and are now suing the school and the school district for 15 million dollars

Just to show how far the stupidity of the PC-ers has gone; there was a boat load of support from around the country shown for the this poor little abused kid; it even went all the way to the White House where  our president invited the little guy to the Big House, rolled out the red carpet and congratulated him on being so creative. What the *&#@^ is going on in this country?

When is three ring circus going to end? Muslims or any other nationality or religion should not get preferential treatment because a few of the  knuckle heads that are afraid of being labeled if they stand their ground. These PC-ers have no backbone or self respect. Let’s cut out all the labels and follow the constitution as it was written; Equal justice for all

If this frivolous case does go to trial it will be a mockery to our already deplorable/overloaded justice system.  If this abused family is awarded even one cent it will be an absolute disgrace and an embarrassment to all the normal, hard working Americans. Not to mention,  it will open a can of worms for all of the other lunatics that are looking for a fast buck.

I would not be a bit surprised if this entire sham was orchestrated for a big pay-day.

I am anxious to see just what kind of backbone our judicial system has whether they shit can this preposterous case or pay off the little guy’s family.

Do the PC Police (quoting Ben Carson) realize that all of these ridiculous/frivolous settlements  are being paid for by them??? That light has not gone off yet.

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