Aminals come in all shapes a species

Suspected killer of pastor’s wife ‘watched her bleed out:

Why does the legal system use the terms allegedly and suspected when  they have criminals dead to rights?

Animals come in all shapes a species. We have four legged monsters – two legged monsters – white monsters – black monster and monster of every race and nationality.

Here are a good example of white animals:

These are four legged animals:

2    1

The four legged animals have a lot more sense then their two legged cousins; most of them only kill to survive.

Than we have black animals:

2    one of which is not shown.

According to what I saw on the news there were three animals.

There is no other suitable description for the white or black animals that take lives so indiscriminately. They are just animals.

These two animals and their homeboy (not shown) laid in wait for the preacher Pastor Davey Blackburn to leave his home, broke into a preacher’s house, robbed and brutally killed  his pregnant wife Amanda and unborn baby .

After the shooting, these animals stood over Amanda while she was lying on the floor dying and watched with pleasure as she bleed-out.  They are in a category all to themselves.


The preacher is exercising his forgiving ways by saying he forgives these animals. I don’t know whether to feel bad for the guy or throw rocks at him. Where I come from, a Safari would have been immediately organized to hut down these animals and would have saved the legal system a lot of time and money. To my way of thinking; forgiveness is only given when someone bumps into you accidentally or farts in public.

This is the first paragraph in the Chicago Tribune:

Two young men charged in the shooting death of an Indianapolis pastor’s pregnant wife gave brief answers to a judge’s questions Tuesday during their first court appearance since their arrest. Two young men? It almost sounds like they are sympathetic with the animals.

Animals like these people who go around killing people by the flip of a coin; there should be no mercy showed to them.

I don’t want to hear the same old bull-shit that they were neglected kids. They are old enough to know exactly what they were doing. I still a strong supporter of the old eye for an eye . A life sentence is too good for these animals. They love to be incarcerated because it is like old home week for them in the cross-bar hotel. Most of their homies are there.

Preacher man; if it makes you feel better to say a few prayers for these animals, it is up to you but please don’t say you forgive them. That is an insult to your dead wife and child.

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I found the picture of the 3rd animal.





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