Rambo in The Windy City

The cowardice of Chicago officials

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1 Response to Rambo in The Windy City

  1. Rifleman III says:

    Training is quite different and supported by data and case facts. At seven yards, a three inch knife is lethal. You shout only once, “Drop the weapon!”, and if they do not, you open fire. Back in the “Good Old Days”, we used to disarm knives by hands-on physical force. Not since police fatality data indicated that knives and blunt force instruments are of concern. Training changed. By adhering to departmental policy which is approved by the municipality, officer survival is paramount, and the justification for the use of deadly physical force authorized. Assailant does not stop, you keep filling them with lead. The best argument by numerous agencies facing typically the same type of litigations, is to go with a better caliber choice as the authorized service caliber (i.e. -.45 acp) where one sustained hit will usually cause a reaction to halt the suspect. The .38 Special deemed impotent had the benefit of hitting what the officer aims at. With the +P loads, it put people down but, the 158 grain Lead Semi Wad Cutter went down the barrel and ballistic labs could not identify which service weapon (at times) fired the bullet(s). The 9mm in 124 grain FMJ, while fast, is only an ice pick as was the Round Nose .38 Special ammunition, and it requires a lot of lead to drop people. From what I hear, the .40 S&W caliber is a little bit better than the 9mm but, many agencies have gone to the .45 acp for better stopping. Administrators will always argue for less power and it results in more ammo spent stopping individuals. Usual arguments of wild shots or of “hurting” someone rather than killing them. Wacky stuff that book-smart and gun-dumb liberals spew.
    There are other things that effect police shootings. My three on-duty shootings were all with my service revolver in .38 Special. Tally= 3 incidents/7 gunmen/8 rounds total fired/8 total hits/7 dead gunmen. I also practiced seven days a week. 400 rounds per day and many were saying that lead fumes probably brain damaged me (possible). “Mad Dog” labels. I explained that my biggest fear was if I should ever miss and an innocent person be hit. My explanation fell on deaf ears. Then it was brought up, my service record (MOS 0331) and how I was “programmed” to kill. It only jaded me and I developed a hatred for a job that I loved. It’s all due to political morons. It’s all due to ladder-climbing politicians with badges that will try to harm other cops to make their own career go upwards, though they are zeros on the streets. I watched the zeros go up in command, while I was passed over for lieutenant three times. Take a good look at the training structure for confronting individuals armed with edged weapons.
    PS: Three of the gunmen I shot between the eyes. A knife wielding individual at 20 feet, if I were the cop, people would be screaming how I fired only one round, but it would have been, between the eyes. It would not have been, 16 rounds center mass, as trained.

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