Another case of a poor example

Yet another reason it’s ridiculous Ray Lewis works for ESPN:

On Sunday night, one day before commentating on Monday night’s Buffalo-New England game, Ray Lewis gave a pep talk to the Bills.

It has been 13 years since two friends were murdered in Atlanta after the Super Bowl, and their families still question the involvement of the Ravens linebacker.

That dark cloud of suspicion will always be hanging over Lewis’s head as to just what his involvement in the murders were.

Here I go again, talking about the examples the young kids get from these poor excuses of role models.

Excessive drinking – beating up their old lady – drugs –  destruction of property; they are all within bounds for these wealthy athletes and celebs that can buy the best ambulance chasers on the planet.  If they personally do not have to soldi to buy their way out, the teams they play for will kick in so they do not lose a player; RIGHT JERRY!!!!


Greg Hardy was convicted last year of assaulting his ex-girlfriend before the charges were dismissed in February. The $$$$ talked again.  Jonesy hired the guy anyway. It’s all about winning and winning constitutes big bucks.

As long as these multi-millionaires/billionaires can hide away in their ivory towers and count their money; they could care less about what kind of example they are setting for the kids.

One day the kids see a guy up on murder charges or beating up his old lady – drugged up out his mind and the next day they see them riding around in a Rolls,  wearing a 5 thousand dollar suit and a Rolex. Better yet, committing a crime and beating the rap because of who they are. Great example.

Many wealthy people in our society have lost all concept of what decency is all about for the sake of the buck.  They are as bad as the media that fills the kids head with violence and destruction with their movies and videos.

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