Say cheese Little Marcus

Huffington Post

Huffington Post

Marcus Jordan, Michael Jordan’s Son, Apparently Tweets Picture Of His Penis; Claims Pic’s Not His:

What we have here is another “rocket scientist” with an obsession to show off his private parts using the electronic media.

Can it be that these exhibitionists compulsions are so over powering they can not control them-self or are they that stupid? Maybe a little of both.  I wonder if he was smiling when he snapped the picture??


These groupie broads love the bad boy athletes! What a changed world we live in.

Jordan claims they are “not his”. The word out there is that Marcus said “the fish was too small so he threw it back in the water”, he was too embarrassed to bring it home.

When are these sex-starved texters, especially the celebs going to realize that mankind is being watched constantly by Big Brother. It is almost impossible to get away with anything in these days of the electronic age.

Moral of this story is; guys keep your pants up and the zippers zipped; gals keep those dress pulled down and don’t forget to wear those skivvies; the paparazzi are waiting in the wings.

pants                    skirt


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