They don’t give a puck


New $444 million hockey arena is still a go in Detroit:


Detroit’s financial crisis hasn’t derailed the city’s plans to spend more than $400 million in Michigan taxpayer funds on a new hockey arena for the Red Wings.

They might want to label it a poor choice with their “priorities”. With 444 million dollars of taxpayers’ money I am sure that the city could find some better use for that money than to build a new hockey arena.

This is the new mentality of the people running big governments today, local, state and federal.

Just take a look at all of the unnecessary and foolish spending the Obama administration has done since the joke of the century “sequester” was put into place. They are too numerous to list. It makes a sensible person wonder who side these “meatballs” are on?

The more I evaluate the poor judgement of government leaders, I am inclined to believe that they are on a mission to destroy the USA and doing a good job of it. Anybody with good intention, concern for the citizens that elected them and a level head would not make the irresponsible decisions they make.

We can say  that 90% of these over paid / under worked primadonnas’ that run the governments “don’t give a puck”. The other 10%, if it does exist, is out numbered.

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