Joe’s gravy train

Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton To Meet For Breakfast Tuesday:

If only the walls could tell their secrets.

One of my favorite game shows years back was with Monte Hall “Let’s Make a Deal”. At the end of the show the contestants had a choice of three different doors; 1-2-3. Two of them had decent prizes behind them and the third one had the proverbial “zonk”.


The democrats have been working on their 3 door trick ever since 2007 when Obama sold his soul to Wild Bill Clinton when he made a promise while he was “holding a burning holy picture” in his hand that he would back Hillary in 2016 if Billy would support him in the 2008 and 2012 elections. I am telling the short version.

The American people that vote for the Hillary ticket, that is if she gets the nod from the convention, can be assured of one thing; regardless of what door they pick in 2016 they are going to get zonked again, if they use the same incomprehensible stupidity that they did in 2012.

Like the old Chinese scholar One Hung Low once said “a person should be judged by their accomplishments not their bullshit” (“判断一个人,他们的成就不是他们的废话”)。

I would not be the least bit surprised if Hillary only stayed with Wild Bill after his multiple affairs because if she divorced him it would be bad for their political dynasty they were trying to build. Thus 2016 Hillary for President.

I hope when the public evaluates them they can see behind their facade and see the real Clintons in the 1960. You cannot take the stripes off of a zebra.

bil                       z
I don’t think that Hillary’s ego would permit her to be Joe’s running mate as VP. She has to be the top dog and Joe really doesn’t care; he has been riding the gravy train for years now with no real responsibility.

tr    do

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