I hope he likes pasta fagoli

Huffington Post

Eike Batista, Formerly World’s 8th Richest Man, Loses $33 Billion In Just 16 Months:

Now that is what we can call “a good piece of change”.

It is bad enough when a mere mortal loses their job, to be on welfare or to be down and out but when a person is worth 34 BILLION dollars one day and 16 months later is only worth a measly 200 million dollars, that is a serious setback.

This is what happened to Eike Batista who used to be the 8th richest man I the world, now his financial standing have been reduced to almost ashes.


I wonder if his phone rings anymore, a call from an old friend or is it just people he owes money to?

We all know how that works; whenever a person is on top of the heap they are surrounded by entourages, phony friends and brown nosers; as soon as their financial  bubble busts they are standing in the middle of Rigley field by themselves holding their come si chiama la.

It wasn’t too long ago that Eike Batista was selling “wolf tickets” on how he was going to roll over the world’s richest man Mexico’s Carlos Slim and take his crown away; now Slim is applauding and has the last laugh.


A nun told me in school many years ago the “empty barrels make the loudest noise”. Now that is all Batista has left are a big  stack of empty oil barrels.


Old Batista went from Chateaubriand to pasta fagoli in 16 months.

past                          chate
There is word going around that Batista is so broke that he can’t even afford to get his wig cleaned and pressed.

To make matters worse if they can be he owes investors a substantial amount that has to come out of the 200 million he has left. How does a guy that was worth 33 BILLION owe anyone anything?

Either Batista wasn’t watching the store or he has the worst luck in the world.


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