This dirty bastard should be castrated

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Judge Tacks on 50 Years in NJ Father Rape Case:

A New Jersey man (if this is what you want to call him) already in prison for sexually assaulting one of his daughters has been sentenced to an additional 50 years for raping and impregnating one of her siblings.

The cockroach still faces three more trials, one for each of the remaining daughters he is accused of assaulting.


The name of the cockroach was withheld so as not identify the victims.

This dirty bastard should be castrated, then his throat and wrists slit and let him bleed slowly to death while six guys are beating him with ball bats with six inch spikes in them.

cas                     ball bat

I wonder where their mother was when all of this was taking place?

Who does a young girl look up to more, admire and seek protection  in life then her father? These poor girls needed protection from their protector.

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