Putin has been slammed one time too many

Bashar Assad: First Shipment Of Air Defense Missiles Have Arrived From Russia – Al-Manar TV :


BEIRUT (AP) — The Syrian president has told Lebanon’s Hezbollah-owned TV station that Damascus received the first shipment of Russian air defense missiles, according to remarks released Thursday.

Bashar Assad’s comment on the arrival of the long-range S-300 air defense missiles in Syria will further ratchet up tensions in the region and undermine efforts to hold U.N.-sponsored talks with Syria’s warring sides.

Israel who is a neighbor of Syria and on their “hit list” is not going to sit on its hands and watch this delivery of the missiles take place. They are prepared to use force to stop the delivery according to Israeli officials.

The Judo Black belt from Russia must have been slammed to the mat on his head too many times and scrambled his brains. What the hell is he thinking. Supposedly Russia is supposed to be on the good guys team.

Why in the name of Russian Vodka would Putin send this mass executioner of his own people rockets? It can’t be for the money, Russia is doing very well financially. There has to be some long range hidden agenda or as we call it in the Marine Corps “a whore deal” between the two leaders somewhere in the future.

Even a complete and total imbecile should be able to see the atrocities that are taking place under the rule of Assad. I still cannot conceive that the ruler of a country can slaughter his own people with impunity the way Assad is.

This move is sure not making Putin look very good in the eyes of the free world but who says he really cares.

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