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This one he can be proud of

Obama: There’s no longer time for excuses for black men: This speech Obama gave at Morehouse College is the most sensible thing I have heard this man has say since I have been following his politics. It is exactly the … Continue reading

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Someone has their head where the sun doesn’t shine

Obama Approval Rating Not Hurt By Scandals: CNN/ORC International Poll: The fact of the matter is; there are even people in this strange world we live in that don’t care if their spouse cheats on them. I probably don’t have … Continue reading

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Dry Insurance located in Chardon, Ohio is anything but dry.

The DRY Insurance Group is a family owned and operated full service insurance agency that has been in business for over 45 years. The entire group has made a firm commitment as dedicated insurance professionals to providing their clients with … Continue reading

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What an exercise in contradictions

IRS official who oversaw unit targeting Tea Party now heads ObamaCare office: You gotta be kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Am I reading this right? Thursday morning’s news: Obama bluntly declaring “I am angry” about the IRS scandal, President Barack Obama said late … Continue reading

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Do you want to be Nixonited Mr. O??

Obama: I didn’t know about IRS practices: Amid controversy about IRS targeting of conservative groups, Obama says his main concern is “fixing” the problem. Is anyone in the market for some well-priced swamp land in the Okie Fa Nokies? I … Continue reading

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Obama compared to Nixon???

Triple headlines Obama struggles with rocky start to second term: Battenfeld: Obama’s attempt at damage control laughable: Reid slams Obama admin: ‘I have trouble defending what the Justice Department did’: It can be called an attempt at “get back” that … Continue reading

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His Holiness??????

Cardinal O’Brien leaves Scotland to atone for sex misconduct, Vatican says: This poor excuse for a human being  should hang his head in shame and be defrocked as a representative of the Catholic Church. The sacrilegious cardinal has been given … Continue reading

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Listen to the guy with the beard

Bernanke: ‘Too-Big-To-Fail’ Must End: The almighty money/greed serpent will  someday swallow up the earth. Arrogance, greed and mismanagement are three of the major factors that will eventually bring down not only banks but cities, states, countries of the world. History … Continue reading

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HAPPY MOTHER DAY TO ALL THE MOTHER IN THE USA: Here is to all of the devoted, magnanimous women in this country that put their children and families before themselves. Mother-Hood is 10 times as difficult as being a father; … Continue reading

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The truth will set you free; maybe

Could Benghazi impact Hillary Clinton in 2016? You can bet you coolie it will but here again, Obama got reelected with his less than stellar performance. When the former first-lady testified in January about the State Department’s response to the … Continue reading

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